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Abnormal Psychology

Assess the Genogram "Do the Clothes Make the Man?"

Based on the genogram interview, "Do the Clothes Make the Man?" answer the the following: 1. Analyze the pertinent themes, risk factors, and strengths of the couple elicited in the video interview. 2. Critique the strengths and weaknesses of the genogram as an assessment and treatment-planning tool in therapy.

Hans Eysenck- analysis of the strengths and limitations

Hans Eysenck (Trait and Factor Theory) Discuss the strengths and limitations of the theories listed in explaining individuals' behavior by addressing the following: Describe how dispositional theories affect individual personalities. Explain how dispositional theories influence interpersonal relationships.

Comparing Behavioral and Cognitive Theories

Compare and contrast behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy. Please address the following points: - Key concepts/unique attributes - Historical/contextual development of the theory (if relevant) - Role of the therapist - Research support for the theory

Trend Article Analysis

Locate an article concerning a social and/or behavioral trend that impacts research in the field of psychology. Prepare a minimum 700-word analysis of your selected article in which you address the following items: ? Summarize your selected article. ? Explain the impact of the trend discussed in your selected article on

Using the Hill and O'Brien Helping Skills Model

Using the Hill and O'Brien (1999) Helping Skills Model, could you briefly describe Darren's presenting problem? What activities you would use to engage in for Stage One i.e. exploration; and techniques you would use to develop rapport, express empathy, and encourage Darren to "tell his story? For stage two; i.e. insight, what

preventing obesity with children

The three important facts they should use for preventing obesity with children. List three important facts that you can use to change your life or your family's or that you could use to help your friends or community.

The role of vocational/career counseling and/or planning in working with clients

What are your thoughts about the role of vocational/career counseling and/or planning in working with clients? Then please explain two ways that engaging in the process of vocational/career counseling and/or planning might be valuable to a client. Then please describe two challenges that could arise while engaging in vocational

Best validation method

200 word Count Suppose you were in charge of admissions for a college, and were choosing a test to give to applicants to your college. You want the test scores to be a good indicator of how the applicants would perform academically in college. One test you are evaluating is Snider's Speedy School Skills Selection Test (SSSSST

Research Project: Descriptive Method Design

Design a research study utilizing descriptive research methods for mental illness: Learned vs. Genetics. Address the following items in 600-800 words: 1.Describe the sample population. 2.Describe the descriptive method(s) that you select to utilize in your research study and explain why you selected these methods. 3.Specul

How to create a behavioral study

Create a simple behavioral study of possible interest to a fifth-grade student who wants to do a science fair project based on psychology.

Multicultural Competency

What biases, perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs might you hold about culturally different groups? How might attitudes or perceptions influence your interaction with individuals who are culturally different from yourself? How knowledgeable are you about the values, practices, and experiences of individuals who are cultural

Nutrition and Psychopathology

1. Selected one psychopathology, describe and summarize important features of this disorder that will be important in understanding the impact of nutrition on this psychopathology. 2. Create a case example of how the symptoms of the psychopathology might have developed through nutrition-related issues. Trace the life events

Research Methods/ Consequences of Vision Loss

Research Methods Why is it important for all research to follow essentially the same steps? Can we overcome genetic predispositions of behavior? Consequences of Vision Loss What are some of the modern discoveries that can assist people with vision loss? Is vision loss usually reversible?

Psychodynamic Paradigm

1). Discuss the Psychodynamic Approach or Paradigm. 2). Who were the major theorists representing the psychodynamic perspective? and 3). Discuss two concepts that stand out to you that are unique to the psychodynamic point of view, and 4). From your perspective, who were the psychodynamic theorists who contributed th

Cultural difference and Depression

Could you give an example of how cultural differences would affect how a test of depression is scored?  Perhaps make up a little story that illustrates this happening?

Compare and Contrast Sampling and Norm

I need help with at least 900 words and a minimun of two cited sources.....Please Help and Thank You!! A.) Compare and Contrast Sampling and Norm B) Define Bicultural Conflict and Gender Identity while addressing the fundamental problems encountered by researchers during the implementation of these variables cross-cul

Two Theories of Intellignece

? Analyze at least two theories of intelligence related to the content of your selected articles. ? Evaluate the effectiveness of intelligence testing. ? Keep in mind what role culture plays in testing as well.

Resource guide for career counseling disabled persons.

Need a resource guide template set up and organized based on career counseling for disabled persons. Have already found two sites to be used: http://www.rehabworks.org/resources.shtml http://www.pascenter.org/state_based_stats/local_resources.php?state=florida Need four more to add to guide template, and organized by

assistive devices

Children who are taught to use one or more assistive devices often require a period of adjustment as they develop new strategies for experiencing their world. While it is exciting to be able to see, hear, or speak more than before, it is still an adjustment for the child, his family members, and his teachers. At times, children

ITP and IFS contrasts

As children grow close to graduate from high school, an Individualized Transition Plan (ITP) is created to ensure continued services for those who need it. Use the information from our book and from the internet to list as many transitional services as you can find. Summarize the service, tell what children would benefit from i

strategies for assessing family strengths and needs

Explore strategies for assessing family strengths and needs. Sometimes, families who have been coping with the needs of an exceptional child neglect other children or needs. It is essential that family needs are stabilized while the child receives assistance because a part of the intervention is to help families to reconnect as

Violent video game effects: what conclusions are possible?

The amount of time spent playing violent video games correlates positively with aggressive behaviors and negatively with academic achievement. Based on your reading about interpreting correlations, what conclusions are possible from this result? If this was an experimental finding, what are two sources of bias and how could the

The components of classical and operant conditioning

This solution strongly correlates the main principles of classical conditioning and operant conditioning as well as provides an example of when classical conditioning may be useful, and an example of when operant conditioning may be useful.

Substance Abuse and the Brain

Please discuss the following: Explain the role dopamine (aka the reward system) plays in addiction. After explaining the process answer the following question: Is addiction a disease or a disorder?

Primary Determinant of Job Performance

We've studied some aspects of motivation. We've discussed personality. Finally, we've discussed job characteristics. Which of these, in your opinion, is the primary determinant of performance in most jobs? Support your decision with anecdotes drawn from your personal experience, the experiences of others, and (most important of