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Abnormal Psychology

Research approach

What factors predict good marital communication? Explain why you would choose a quantitative approach for this question. Why do some gay men participate in high-risk behaviors? Explain why you would choose a qualitative approach for this question. What do you think of when you think of research? What does it mean to b

Different types of learning

Learning occurs in many more ways than just as a result of classical or operant conditioning. One such way is by observing others. Explain observational learning using at least three examples from your own life. Explain why this type of learning is effective.

Watson's Classical Conditioning Experiment

Copy and paste the following line in a Google search: Watson J. B., & Rayner, R. (1920). Conditioned emotional reactions. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 3(1), 1-14. Read the article and answer the following questions in your essay: Explain the initial pairing of the banging bar and the rat in terms of learning thro

Creativity and critical thinkers' examples

Consider the following famous thinkers: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, James Cone, Daniel C. Dennett, Peter Singer, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Nelson Mandela. What components of their creativity and critical thinking played a prominent role in their contributions to society or their scientific breakthroughs?

Five step hypothesis test for two tailed test

A researcher predicts that watching a film in institutionalization will change students attitudes about chronically mentally ill patients. The researcher randomly selects a class of 36 students, shows them the film, and gives them a questionnaire about their attitudes. The mean score on the questionnaire for these 36 students 7

Kohlberg's theory is briefly explained.

Write a summary of Kohlberg's theory, discussing the three (3) levels of "Moral Thought" as they were proposed by Kohlberg, as well as the two (2) stages of "Moral Development" that occur within each of the three levels. How could you apply this to school age children in the classroom?

Kohlberg's theory's is briefly summarized.

Write a summary of Kohlberg's theory, discussing the three (3) levels of "Moral Thought" as they were proposed by Kohlberg, as well as the two (2) stages of "Moral Development" that occur within each of the three levels. How could you apply this to school age children in the classroom?

Directional and nondirectional hypothesis

Can you provide an example of a directional hypothesis? (the definition and then in a sentence) Can you provide an example of a nondirectional hypothesis? (the definition and then in a sentence)

Data Description in Research

There are different methods that can be used to describe data. Could you please discuss why describing data is such an important part of the research process? Why are there different methods that can be used to describe data? Do the methods used to describe data depend on the type of research design that you have utilize

Case Studies, Descriptive Research and Archival Research

Briefly discuss the three descriptive designs (case studies, archival research, and observational research). Please be sure to discuss the strengths and weaknesses associated with each approach. (Case studies, archival research, and observational research). Which of these three approaches do you think is the best descri

Verbal Learning: Serial, Paired Associate, & Free Recall

Please assist with ideas on describing the concept of verbal learning, comparing and contrasting serial learning, paired associate learning, and free recall. Please explore the concepts of Mnemonics in the recall of verbal stimuli and include at least 4 references.

School performance and socioeconomic level.

Research suggests that school performance and socioeconomic level are related. What are three possible explanations as to why middle to upper-class children perform better in school than some lower-socioeconomic-level students? What solutions would you propose to address this problem?

Research Project: Literature Review part 4

Hi Xenia, you did a wonderful job on the last guide. Just to refresh your memory I am sending it again. I need help with this: Design a SIMPLE research study utilizing experimental research methods for the issue that you selected for your Research Project: Literature Review. Could I have both example on IV AND DV PLEASE.

Divisions of the American Psychological Association (APA)

One of the common misconceptions regarding psychology is that it deals only with the analysis and treatment of persons who either have been diagnosed with mental illness or are emotionally disturbed. Explain why this assumption is partially incorrect. To support your explanation, identify two subfields of psychology and describe

Human Development Relevance

Your assistance would be appreciated two page on human development. Utilize minimum three research journal articles,describe issue,explain relevance of study of human development and the impact of such findings of today's views of human development(with references).

bonds and relationships

Briefly discuss the human need to build bonds and relationships. Do we have an innate need to belong? If so, why? How is this need attached to our emotions, our social bonds, and our fear of deprivation?

Identity Development Phases

Explore identity development in early, middle, and late adolescence. Focus on one phase and analyze accompanying factors, such as the domains of family, peers, school and work.


Help, I need a guide please I am lost. I need help. 300 words please. Does mental health play a role in physical health? Using the same research question that you used last week, design a true experiment. Remember, in a true experiment, we manipulate the IV . . . . we do something to one group to make it different f

Review an article on career development.

Please provide a summary of the attached article from the Annual Review of Career Development Quarterly that addresses or forecasts future trends and challenges in the field of vocational psychology/career counseling. Then share your thoughts on how the trend/challenge addressed in the article might impact vocational/career coun

Kindergarten Curricular Goals

Given the ability of a kindergartner and his/her language development, what kinds of activities would be appropriate to support each goal? Provide evidence supporting your activity choices. If possible, recall your own personal experience in kindergarten and relate activates that enhanced your own language development. 1. Inc

potential legal/ethical issues face concerns to Connecticut

Jose is a 35 year old man; he tells you he has been dating Carl for six months and recently learned that Carl is HIV positive. Jose and Maria are married having two children together. He has been sleeping on the coach for at least 9 months. Maria is agitating for a third child. Jose tells you that he is beginning to weaken about

Ethics of Animal Research

1). Should animal research be limited to research that investigates cures for terminal illnesses, or should they continue to be used in any Institutional Review Board (I.R.B.) approved research? 2). Do you feel that using animals for research is any different from using animals for food?

The process of learning values

Children learn values from their primary caregivers, teachers, peers and community. Identify specific ways in which awareness of moral as well as cultural values and beliefs are developed. How do negative influences affect this process? Be prepared to support your response.

Use of hypnosis in therapy

The use of hypnosis is highly controversial, specifically as it relates to the implanting of false memories. In fact, there are several court cases in which victims have alleged that childhood caretakers have sexually abused them as children when, in fact, evidence suggests that memories were implanted. Explain how this might h