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    Hi, I need a guide and understanding. I pick about 4 articles and I am not sure if any are good. If they are I will like article 3 or 4 (I only need to choose 1). I am not good in math. Help on this selecting the sample, administering an intervention, collecting the data, analyzing the data. Plus all. I hope you can help.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi. Am I right in the fact that you need help in choosing which article to analyze? I am assuming that you are supposed to do a trend analysis of an article and since you have picked some choices I am assuming that you wanted to pick from these 4. Don't worry too much about the maths. When analysing for trends, what you need to look for are patterns. I think the most promising is article 2 as it contains single case studies and it would be easier to spot patterns. To make a trend analysis, you have to make it concise - you need to point it key patterns that you think are important. It might not cover all patterns but what is important is that you show your professor that you can spot the trends in it. Think of it as an expanded correlation study - you will be looking for relationships between elements, not just variables. Still, you listed a review of a host of things. So how do you present all of this? I suggest the following outline

    1. Introduction - what can be expected from the review? - 100 words.
    2. A quick summary of the study.50 words.
    3. The sample used, its source and where possible, an intervention 200 words.
    4. How the data was collected and analyzed - 150 words.
    5. The emergent patterns/trends that can be observed in the study. 300 words.

    I think this outline should be enough to cover what you need. At 800 words, this is concise which is what is expected of trend analysis reviews. Now, about trends, what are they? Alright, consider a sample study of children's tests over 10 years. Their scores are higher in the final exams than in the entrance exams. Also, girls appear to do better at literature and history and boys in maths and the sciences. Asian kids appear to do better academically while African-Americans have issues in achievement. These are observations provided by the data and such information 'emerge' from the data which are the trends showed by the study. The solution below should get you started. If you have any questions, just let me know via the feedback section. Good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Study Particulars

    - Authors - Tanya Eckert, Scott Ardoin, Donna Daisey, and Mark Scarola
    - Title of Study: Empirically evaluating the Effectiveness of Reading Interventions: The Use of Brief Experimental analysis and Single-Case designs
    - Publisher - John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
    - Journal Information - Psychology in the Schools, Vol. 37(5)
    - Year - 2000


    This review is an attempt at doing a trend ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise to the student in completing the task (see above) on the topic of doing a trend analysis on a study that was done utilizing experimental analysis and single-case design with the subject being the evaluation of reading interventions. The solution provides advise to the student in how to approach and structure the task and suggests an outline as well as an example as to how the task can be completed. Resources are listed for the purpose of expansion. A word-version of the solution is also attached.