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Research Process of Quantitative Study

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Describe the research process for Quantitative Study :

Study Citation:

o Research problem:

o Purpose of the research:

o Research question(s) and/or hypotheses:

o Data collection technique and instrumentation:

o Data analysis approach:

o Evaluate logical flow and coherence across the multiple elements of the study:

o Steps to ensure reliability and validity of research, analysis, and results:

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Research problem: The research problem generates the question you hope to find out more information in your study. The literature usually starts before the researcher puts ideas together regarding the theme of the research project. As a quantitative study deductive logic will be selecting an abstract concept. By selecting the variables deducting from the gathering of information and then making a decision how the researcher will study the variables. As a researcher, you may start with a thought about a problem but rethink the issue based on the amount of literature available to search. As a new researcher, it is better to have more literature to assist with your problem of study.

Purpose of the research: This step focuses the research into one area or problem of study. Does the study begin to have a common theme after doing your study of the literature? You want to describe the purpose and the population of the study. Are you defining a certain age, gender, race of general population with certain illnesses? It is important to be focused and not too broad in the population variable. Here is where you can introduce your independent and dependent variables. Changes in the dependent variable are presumed to be caused by the independent variable. (http://explorations.sva.psu.edu/lapland/LitRev/prob1.html#anchor2253030).

Research question(s) ...

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