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    Qualitative or Quantitative Approaches to Research

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    What factors predict good marital communication? Explain why you would choose a quantitative approach for this question.

    Why do some gay men participate in high-risk behaviors? Explain why you would choose a qualitative approach for this question.

    What do you think of when you think of research? What does it mean to be a scholar-practitioner? What is social change? How is research related to these two concepts?

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    Openness to communication, a mutual desire to understand their partner's point of view, and the compatibility of the married couple, are factors that predict good marital communication. I would use a quantitative approach to this question, due to the fact that this question would require a collection and mathematical analysis of numerical data in reference to factors that predict good marital communication, and this could best be ascertained using quantitative methodology, such as statistical analysis, due to ...