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Case studies, Descriptive Research, and Archival Research

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Briefly discuss the three descriptive designs (case studies, archival research, and observational research).

Please be sure to discuss the strengths and weaknesses associated with each approach. (Case studies, archival research, and observational research).

Which of these three approaches do you think is the best descriptive design and why?

Finally, indicate what types of research each of these designs would be effective in testing.

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This solution discusses case studies, descriptive research and archival research.

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Case studies are descriptive designs in which individuals, organizations, events, etc., are thoroughly analyzed, based on an intense all-encompassing study of these individuals, organizations, events, etc., Utilizing one or more research methods. Archival research is essentially a form of research that is conducted by analyzing older documents in order to ascertain certain information. Observational research is a form of research that is conducted by observing a given phenomenon, object or individual, etc., and analyzing the ...

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