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Abnormal Psychology

Personal characteristic trait

Please identify a personal characteristic trait. Then, develop a list of six questions to be used to assess this characteristic trait. As you develop these questions, be sure to examine the validity of each question.

Psychology of Learning

How could you use classical conditioning procedures to help someone quit an undesirable behavior? Please be as detailed as possible and include the terms that are discussed in the text. unconditioned stimulus unconditioned response conditioned stimulus

Experimental Ablation

What types of research uses are particularly well suited to Experimental Ablation method? Why? Justify and explain your response. Cite your sources.

Groupthink summary

In 1961, a group of government officials decided to invade a small island. The plan seemed sound, the confidence level was high, and the group thought that it had good knowledge about the island and its leaders. It turned out that the group made an incorrect assumption, which led to a failed attempt at taking over the small isla

The future of psychological assessments

With the use of computers and the internet, there have been many recent changes to the field of psychological assessments. With that in mind, try to speculate some of the future changes that will take place in this field. What do you think that psychological assessment will look like in the year 2030? Curious of your opini

Find business issue and provide 2 work examples that relate to text

Find a business issue such as conflict, organizational structure, performance evaluation etc. from your own professional work experience or the literatureâ?"articles from newspapers, business journals, business magazines, etc. and apply two concepts (total, not each) (such as conflict intensity continuum, matrix structure, inte

early interventions

Andrew Garcia is a 4 year old Hispanic male. His mother Stella (20 yrs old) went into labor prematurely and he Andrew weighed only 3 lbs. He was also born addicted to crack. Andrew stayed in the hospital for a couple of weeks after his birth then he went home with his mother. Stella also has two other children ages 5 and 6

Can you explain and give examples to help me understand this information

An definition of counseling and the most essential characteristics of a helping relationship A detailed explanation of the key elements that must be covered in the first counseling session with a new client and why they must be covered How and for what type of client issues dealing with adolescents can I use restructuring

Need assistance with Case Study: Mark and Jan

Mark and Jan have been together for eight years. Although they have never married, they consider themselves married and never thought it was necessary to have a wedding. They have good relationships with both extended families and have a group of close friends. Both are successful professionals; Mark is an engineer and Jan is an

Theoretical Eclecticism

-How different are the personality theories, really? -Might they all be integrated into one theoretical framework? Or, did they seem to differ fundamentally perhaps because they differed in the aspects of personality that they were trying to explain? Ps: Also, use attached article to support answers

risk factors

There are many risk factors for children prior to birth and during early development through infancy and toddler years. Often, children with many risk factors (such as poverty and poor access to health care) suffer from one or more developmental delays. To prevent these delays, children with many risk factors are placed in early

Summarize challenges in tests and measurement.

This solution offers a description of the challenges/issues you foresee in the area of tests and measurement. Share your ideas about how what you have learned about tests and measurement might be used to address these challenges/issues.

History of Psychology

I need assistance filling in this chart. I have searched and searched for possible explanations, but am having a difficult time understanding this assignment.

Learning Style Differentiation.

a) Differentiate between effective learning and impulsive learning style. b) How can a teacher help a student to be more reflective rather than impulsive. c) Differentiate between field dependence and field independence.


-What are some significant components of the findings of Peterson et al.? -To what degree do these findings relate to other personality theories.

Single Motherhood: Choosing to be single

Case: Melinda (39 years old) is a single mother of one child, age 4, who was conceived through artificial insemination. She is financially stable and employed in the medical field. She is often questioned by friends and relatives about when she is going to marry and why she is not already married. -Discuss some of the press

Psychology in everyday life

How do the benefits of sleep affect our interactions with others? Describe a time when lack of sleep impacted your ability to appropriately interact with others. From the six categories of wellness, identify one area of strength and one area of weakness. Using your strength, how will you adjust your weakness? http://www.na

Need assistance with an ethics scenario.

Martha and Kevin came in to see you for couples counseling. They completed the initial session and you agreed to see Kevin individually per his request. Martha was fine with this as she wants to work on their marriage and feels that Kevin has been withdrawn and depressed lately. In the second session, just with Kevin, he reveals

past technology in psychology

In the past , how has technology in the past influence the efforts in psychology in comparison to the new world of modern technology for psychology?

Racial Disparity and Sentencing Reform

Need assistance on this. I would like to do a research about Racial Disparity and Sentencing Reform. The main question that needs to be addressed is this: What should be done about racial disparities in the sentencing of criminals? I am interested in this because there seemed to be an inequality between the sentencing of blac

State Issues for Mental Health Counsling

Each state authorizes and regulates the practice of mental health counseling within its borders. These rules define the roles and environment in which mental health counselors practice. In many states, the licensure laws are championed by state counseling associations. Therefore, it is good to know the benefits of your sta

Childhood obstacles

two or three obstacles that you think children with a hearing or vision disability might experience in daily life. What strategies do they have to use in order to learn social and academic skills? Think about the difficulties of making friends or learning to read without sight or hearing.

Achievement Results and Unhappy Clients Scenario

The first is a high-achieving, stressed out, insomniac student who is frustrated with his SAT scores and his fear of not getting into Yale. The second is the mother of a 9-year old 4th grader who took the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and some concerns that her daughter is not as advanced as her peers. SAT: http://sat.coll

Neurophysiology of Vision, Audition, and Motor Control

1: What are the five senses? What is the nature of sensation and perception, as they apply to the five senses? In your opinion, which is more important, sensation or perception? 2: Describe how vision, hearing, and motor control are affected in a person who suffers from a stroke.