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    Tests and measurements in applied research

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    This solution offers a description of the challenges/issues you foresee in the area of tests and measurement. Share your ideas about how what you have learned about tests and measurement might be used to address these challenges/issues.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi. The discussion below should get you started. This particular subject is all about issues that researchers can face in terms of measurement and tests. While it falls within challenges of validity and reliability, it depends on so many factors and elements - what kind of research is it, which particular field (i.e. psychology, sociology, etc.), the design of the research, etc. Good luck with your studies.

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    Challenges in Tests & Measurements

    Testing and measuring in applied research requires scientists to refine their approaches and methods as conflict or issues resulting from it can affect the integrity, validity and reliability of research. Measurement per se is simple enough - it is the process of observing and recording what is observed/experienced during the research process. What will therefore be collected as part of the data that will be analysed goes through a process of measurement. Testing is a key part of the research. The hypothesis that one is working on in a particular research must be testable - in other words data from the field and observations/measurement go through a testing procedure, the analysis of the data which proves or disproves the hypothesis. Following the scientific form of enquiry, the idea is to present a testable, measurable and replicable research that is based on facts and follows scientific reasoning for validation. In psychology and sociology, I am of the belief that the following concerns present challenges in measurement:

    1. Fundamental Ideas - what are the most basic ideas involved in measurement? In experimental and quantitative research for example, measurement is all about how the values of variables are assigned and how they are related to each other. How do you assign the values - are they ...

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    What is the concept of test and measurement in applied research? This solution explores this. Resources are listed for further studies.