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Andrew Garcia is a 4 year old Hispanic male. His mother Stella (20 yrs old) went into labor prematurely and he Andrew weighed only 3 lbs. He was also born addicted to crack. Andrew stayed in the hospital for a couple of weeks after his birth then he went home with his mother. Stella also has two other children ages 5 and 6 who live in the home. Stella's boyfriend often comes by but he does not live in the home or contribute to the families income. Before giving birth she was working nights at a restaurant down the street. Stella also receives public assistance in the form of food stamps, TANF and Medicaid. Despite this help the family is living in poverty.

As a baby Andrew was very fussy and not easily soothed. This caused Stella to become very frustrated and she would leave him alone for long periods of time. Today Andrew is a very active boy that loves to run, jump, climb and scream. He is described as never sitting still and always jumping from one activity to another. His family is still living in poverty and Stella has given birth to another child.

What are some early interventions that could be used to reduce some of the risk factors for Andrew?

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This solution discusses early intervetion for a specific case study.

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*What are some early interventions that could be used to reduce some of the risk factors for Andrew?

Research is presented that show children of substance abusing parents are burdened in multiple ways. Wendy (2001) makes an interesting assessment in noting that the ?crack? baby has become a convenient symbol for an aggressive war on drug users, while the care of this children has been neglected. As Wendy points out, this attitude is linked to implications that suggest that anyone who is selfish enough to harm an innocent child in exchange for a quick high should be punished. On this basis, the argument is held that society demands a simplistic punitive response to address the complex causes of drug addiction among poor women and children. Other studies reveal ...

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