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Abnormal Psychology

Dualism and Monism

Define Dualism and Monism. Which philosophical approach best represents your day to day thought about human behavior? How would you go about the scientific study of behavior from each perspective (Dualism and Monism)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each perspective?

Middle childhood Psychology

Question 1) Is it important to start children in school according to the normal ages where they go through different mental stages? Question 2) It seems like the same information is presented to children throughout the educational system but at different times so that the child will be able to process it differently. Is th

I/O psychology vocational testing

Identify one test/procedure each from two of the following categories: Vocational Testing, Behavioral Rating Scales, Behavioral Assessment Procedures, Group-Administered Aptitude Tests, Academic Achievement, Neuropsychological Assessment, Infant and Preschool Assessment. Then, provide a brief description of each test/procedure y

Briefly discuss different styles of non verbal communication among counselors.

In what situations might it not be appropriate to maintain direct eye contact with a client? Studies have shown that, body language is another form of the unspoken communication that goes on in every face-to-face encounter from one individual to another individual. It projects our true feelings towards others and how well our

Reliability and Validity are examined.

After reading the (attachment below) using the drag and drop study activity, identify one reliability concept and one validity concept that you find more challenging. Explain the concept as you understand it, and illustrate how it applies to an assessment tool.

Research Methodology: Correlation

What is a correlation? What are the different types of correlation? Why is it important to determine correlation? If anxiety and depression are correlated, what 3 possible directions of causality might explain this correlation?

Person-Centered Theory Case Study

-How the theory would conceptualize her "problem," -Identify what key concepts can be applied -Discuss two specific interventions you would use with this client. -Identify a limitation of using the theory to this case. The case study is from Capella University and titled 'Case Study One: The Case of Mary'.

An article summary is advised briefly.

Summarize this article: Wampold, B. E., Kuldhir, B. (2004). Attending to the Omissions: An Historical Examination of Evidenced-Based Practice Movements. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. 36(6), 563-570.

Use of Case Studies

What is a case study? How is the case study method utilized in psychological research?

Gender Information is discussed.

First 1) Describe 1) Gender- schema and Social Cognitive Theory. Please Include a Minimum of Two Academic Reference The describution from my textbook of Gender- schema Theory: Theory proposed by Bern, that children socialize themselves in their gender roles by developing a mentally organized network of information about wh

Lesbian Counseling: An Overview

Please describe issues unique to lesbians, and identify and explain the implications of these unique issues for counseling/therapy. For example; Attitudes towards them i.e. Targets of prejudice, discrimination, and violence (hate crimes) Relationships and Families Issues of diversity Economic and Workplace Issues

Leadership Style Example

According to Bushe & Johnson ( 1989 ) there are some contextual and internal variables that tends to affect the task group outcomes in various organizations. They did a survey on 59 members from 10 different task groups within five companies. This study was conducted and the results showed that there were three groups of variabl

Bohm's Dialogue in Group Think

The topic of groupthink reminds me of David Bohm's work on what he called, Dialogue. Dialogue differs from ordinary conversation, where people generally hold a point of view that they feel compelled to defend. In dialogue, participants give serious consideration to views that may differ substantially from their own, and they

Gender socialization

Please give one example of gender socialization and explain how it impacted you or someone you know. Then describe how gender socialization could impact your work in counseling/therapy.

How alcohol affects the body

A 150-pound 25-year-old male has just ingested a drink containing three ounces of 80-proof ethyl alcohol. Describe, in as much detail as you can, the journey of this substance through his body.

Experiential Learning

Can you provide me with some example(s) of any past participation you have had in experiential learning (learning based on experience) and discuss its benefits?

Applying Worldview to Therapeutic Interventions

Applying worldview to working with a particular client in therapy (from an ethnic group that is different from your own) Please describe issues unique to the Hispanic/Latino Americans ethnic group considering the relationship between its members' worldviews and their current perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviors

Perception of Behavior

What criteria would you include for evaluating whether a person's behavior is normal or abnormal? Select one behavior you might see in a client and how that behavior might be perceived differently in the following contexts: * Different time periods (for example, 1900 A.D. and 2000 A.D.). * Different cultures or social


The concept of Netiquette has evolved with the advent of the Internet as a primary source of communication in contemporary society. Just as there are prescribed rules of etiquette for voice communication, or when people sit down to eat a meal together, there are similar social expectations of how individuals behave when they com