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Abnormal Psychology

Strokes and effect on brain functioning and behavior

The brain is the center of human activity and there are processes that may come along to derail the brain's normal functioning. Some of these disruptive processes are known as neurological disorders. Neurological disorders may affect different areas like movement, perception, and language. Cerebrovascular accidents or strokes ar

Behaviorism in the Classroom

Scenario: You are the teacher of John, a 13-year-old boy who transferred this year into the seventh grade at your school, a fairly traditional middle school. John is getting into a lot of trouble. He is not turning in much homework and often seems unprepared for tests. He is frequently off-task in the classroom, particularly

complexity of synapses and receptors

This complexity of synapses and receptors provide the means for our behaviors. How exactly does this process affect behavior? How does the changes in the nervous system translate into a change in behavior?

Having a problem with a research assignment

My research question is - what is the relationship between socioeconomic status and child abuse. I have to state the null and alternate hypothesis, align the the hypothesis with the research questions and identify and describe the type of research hypothesis (differences, relationship and effects). I think I stated my hypothes

Constructivism in the Classroom

Scenario: You have just taught a unit on African history for the first time in your high school world history class, and you are quite disappointed in the results of the unit test. Many students seemed unable to remember the basic facts necessary to answer the multiple-choice questions and hardly any were able to answer the

Five axis diagnosis of depressed patient

I need some help pulling together a five-axis diagnosis of a depression in a Native American elder. I jneed to know what to include in each AXIS. The client Complaints of chest pain, abdomen, knees, complaints of body sickness. Reported that he hasn't been himself over 3 months. Ha stopped interacting with family and going to im

Is Skinner applicable today?

In order to fully understand the modern day relevance of B.F. Skinner, summaries and research about his theories are presented.

Evidence-Based Practice and Psychodynamic

Name a psychological disorder and psychodynamic intervention. Was the intervention used effectively with the disorder and how this would inform a psychologist working with a client that may be exhibiting the disorder or treatment.

Population Density

Analyze how population density affects human beings. Evaluate and describe why noise acts as an environmental pollutant. What type of environment do you live in? How does your environment (e.g., urban, rural) affect you? Support your answer with citations and proper APA 6th ed. references.

Test measure

What do aptitude tests measure? How are they different from achievement tests? Thanks!

Emotional Intelligence

Please provide 3 examples and and an explanation of emotional intelligence with theories and ideas around EL. Can you also provide a short example of a way that one can enhance emotional intelligence.

These two additional senses are the vestibular sense and the kinesthetic sense.

Some people might argue that humans have more than five senses. In fact, a large section of psychology believes that there are seven senses. These two additional senses are the vestibular sense and the kinesthetic sense. In your readings, did you find information about the vestibular sense and the kinesthetic sense? Ho

Integrative Approach is briefly overviewed.

Can you choose two theories to integrate and complete the following: -summarize your understanding of utilizing an integrative therapeutic model. -summarize the key points o ...there is moreshow problemCan you choose two theories to integrate and complete the following: -summarize your understanding of utilizing an i

Operant Conditioning

How would you use operant conditioning to change a bad habit such as biting fingernails or always arriving late to appointments? Compare and contrast reinforcers and punishment.

Scientific Inquiry

What is scientific inquiry and how can it be used in a kindergarten classroom?

Intelligent people

It was more difficult than I first realized to list just five characteristics exhibited by intelligent people. Intelligence covers a broad range of abilities, here are a few that I came up with. Intelligent people: 1. Have the ability to solve problems 2. Display open-mindedness and willingness to learn 3. Are well-read on a

Preschool Daily Schedule

Design a daily schedule for a full-day preschool classroom and explain your rationale for each time of the day. Include times for free-play as well as more structured activities.

Five characteristics intelligent people

Five characteristics that I feel are exhibited by intelligent people are: â?¢Musically inclined â?¢Curious â?¢High level of mathematical skills â?¢Organized â?¢Problem Solvers Chapter 9 of our textbook addresses about a British psychologist Charles Spearman who created new techniques in measuring intelligence. Hi

Common sense

"Common sense" often comes up in this discussion thread. I think we all have some ideas about what is and is not "common sense." However, I have often found that people describe this construct very differently. I encourage anyone who is interested (and looking for a way to participate substantively), to search the UoP library

A person exhibits intelligence statements

Same as this statement from classmate, please give your thought. Thanks! I believe a person exhibits intelligence when: 1. Solves life situations in a creative manner 2. Exhibits originality in the way of thinking 3. Is logic and coherent in the way he talks and acts 4. Has mathematical skills 5. Creative and Int

5 characteristics of intelligence

List of 5 characteristics of intelligence: - well read - knowledgeable in general - strong math skills - musically inclined - culturally informed I chose to go with the theory postulated by Cattell and Horn. This theory concerns crystallized and fluid intelligence. â??The abilities that make up crystallized

How is the motor system involved in taking an Implicit Association Test (IAT)?

How is the motor system involved in taking an Implicit Association Test (IAT)? Go to this website and take a couple of the tests: What is an Implicit Association Test? What is the theory behind it and how does it work? How can the functioning of the motor system be i