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Abnormal Psychology

Sampling and Norms Research Methodology

Research Variables: -Sampling -Norms -Compare and contrast sampling and norms using multicultural and traditional research methodology -Address the fundamental problems encountered encountered by researchers during the implementation of these variables cross-culturally

Treatment planning for marriage and family therapy

-Define both the model-directed approach and the client-directed approach to therapy. Compare and contrast these two approaches. (apa resources needed) -discuss the collaborative treatment planning approach and what you see as the benefits and obstacles to this approach to treatment planning.

Classical Conditioning: Labeling Stimuli and Responses

Bernadine/classmate brings up a fear of Dentists. Many people do have a reaction to and fear of Dentists. My cousin began fearing going to see the Dentist when she had her first cavity at 11 years old. Prior to that, she did not mind going at all. Please explain how she might have begun to fear the dentist labeling the (unco

conditioned stimulus for prolonged exposure

Flooding is prolonged exposure to the stimulus that caused the fear/trauma. Using flooding, a person learns that there is nothing dangerous about what they fear. Please provide an example of how flooding can be used with someone who has a fear of clowns.

Counterconditioning and Desensitization

Mental health professionals can use a number of tools to support a client in overcoming fear. Counterconditioning and desensitization are powerful ways to change behavior. What are counterconditioning and desensitization?

Maturation and Learning

The ability to perform certain tasks appears to change over time. How can we determine if these changes are the result of maturation or learning? Does either maturation or learning take precedence over the other? Explain your answer.

Differing spiritual views are explicated.

Identify ways in which spiritual or religious beliefs could have a negative impact within the counseling setting, particularly with those who have different personal values, life practices, or spiritual or religious beliefs than yours.

Risky behaviors are explored.

Grace said: "I learned how to take care of my health and take it at a more serious level. I learned that I was diabetic in October 2010. I knew this day was coming because I continued to abuse my body. I was not exercising as often as I should have and I was eating unhealthy. I knew that diabetes is hereditary and should have ta

Adolescents, drive, self-actualization

Suggest a program designed to assist adolescents and young adults in achieving a positive self-concept and self-actualization. Please provide at least 300 words and include references in the solution.

Considerations of qualitative research

Question 1. What considerations must one take into account when dealing with qualitative research? Question 2. Why is a hypothesis inappropriate for a qualitative study?

Environmental Psychology

How do you feel about the assertion that industrialized nations are depleting natural resources, particularly from developing countries? Explain your answer. What are the short- and long-term effects of such depletion?

Learning and Psychology

What is learning? What are the three different approaches to learning? What is the relationship between learning and psychology?

Ways a Therapist can Evaluate Effectiveness of Counseling

How would a therapist go about evaluating his/her work as a psychologist? What are some of the criteria they can use to evaluate the quality of their work? Can a therapist refer to their clients goals and objectives to evaluate their effectiveness of their work? What products (reports/cases) can a therapist review in order to tr