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Abnormal Psychology

Person-Centered Theory and Therapy

What are two of the basic tenets of person-centered theory? What are some similarities and differences among person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, and psychodynamic theories with respect to how client problems arise and how people change?

Discuss why knowing things through the empirical method is generally better

When engaging in the empirical method, people use their senses and observations to learn about the truth. The scientific method goes beyond the empirical method in that it uses a systematic approach to observing and testing. There are other ways of knowing, such as through the method of intuition. Discuss why knowing things thro

Is Psychological Debriefing a Harmful Intervention for Survivors of Trauma?

Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Abnormal Psychology Text Analyze Issue 3: Is Psychological Debriefing a Harmful Intervention for Survivors of Trauma? As part of your analysis, evaluate contemporary research associated with the critical issue. After reading the selected critical issue, use the following questions to analyze th

Observational research methods

Do you think that observational research methods are too subjective? Why or why not? How can observer bias be controlled? Please read chapter 4. I need at least 250 words of your response.

Examine the neurological effects, structural and functional, of drug use.

Examine the neurological effects, structural and functional, of drug use. All drugs do something in the brain to create their euphoric results although several of them also have harsh harmful penalties in the brain including seizures, stroke, and widespread brain injury that can affect all features of everyday life. Drugs c

Uses for descriptive statistical processes in research questions

Can descriptive statistical processes be used in determining relationships, differences, and/or effects in the research question and testable null hypothesis (as stated below)? I think that includes mean, median, mode, etc. Research question: What is the relationship between socioeconomic levels and child abuse?

Applying Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Interventions

What are three effective cognitive-behavioral interventions you can use, for a specific disorder, based on the conceptualization of the problem in question? How would a psychologist fit with cognitive-behavioral therapies?

Strokes and effect on brain functioning and behavior

The brain is the center of human activity and there are processes that may come along to derail the brain's normal functioning. Some of these disruptive processes are known as neurological disorders. Neurological disorders may affect different areas like movement, perception, and language. Cerebrovascular accidents or strokes ar

MSA differences between sexes

In your research, did you find any differences between the sexes? Or any other groups, such as ethnic or racial groups? Does multiple system atrophy (MSA) affect men and women equally? Why? What are the physiological similarities or differences between men and women concerning this disorder? Or between ethnic, or other,

Behaviorism in the Classroom

Scenario: You are the teacher of John, a 13-year-old boy who transferred this year into the seventh grade at your school, a fairly traditional middle school. John is getting into a lot of trouble. He is not turning in much homework and often seems unprepared for tests. He is frequently off-task in the classroom, particularly

complexity of synapses and receptors

This complexity of synapses and receptors provide the means for our behaviors. How exactly does this process affect behavior? How does the changes in the nervous system translate into a change in behavior?

Having a problem with a research assignment

My research question is - what is the relationship between socioeconomic status and child abuse. I have to state the null and alternate hypothesis, align the the hypothesis with the research questions and identify and describe the type of research hypothesis (differences, relationship and effects). I think I stated my hypothes

Constructivism in the Classroom

Scenario: You have just taught a unit on African history for the first time in your high school world history class, and you are quite disappointed in the results of the unit test. Many students seemed unable to remember the basic facts necessary to answer the multiple-choice questions and hardly any were able to answer the

Five axis diagnosis of depressed patient

I need some help pulling together a five-axis diagnosis of a depression in a Native American elder. I jneed to know what to include in each AXIS. The client Complaints of chest pain, abdomen, knees, complaints of body sickness. Reported that he hasn't been himself over 3 months. Ha stopped interacting with family and going to im

Physiological causes of emotional impairment: short essay

One of the many things we take for granted is the ability to both express and recognize emotions, but this process may be impaired, either by injury or illness. What are the physiological causes of this impairment? What happens in the nervous system when a person can not identify emotions?

Emotional Intelligence Concepts

What are the concept of emotional intelligence? It is good information to know and there's even a test you can take for EI (emotional intelligence)? See for example (but you can google it and find many others too - if you find a good one, please let us know) What would the theory of emo

Freud, Rogers, Eysenck, Skinner, and Bandura

Based on the coverage of Persons in Cultures, do you think Freud, Rogers, Eysenck, or Skinner would have developed the same theories they did if they had been raised in, e.g., an African or Asian culture rather than the US and/or Europe? Would Bandura have formulated the same theory, with a strong emphasis on self-efficacy?

Is Skinner applicable today?

In order to fully understand the modern day relevance of B.F. Skinner, summaries and research about his theories are presented.

The Bem Sex Role inventory

Provide information about the Bem Sex Role Inventory, created by Dr. Sandra Bem? How does Dr. Bem explain sexual identity and development? Is it a result of nature or nurture? Please provide examples.

Evidence-Based Practice and Psychodynamic

Name a psychological disorder and psychodynamic intervention. Was the intervention used effectively with the disorder and how this would inform a psychologist working with a client that may be exhibiting the disorder or treatment.

Population Density

Analyze how population density affects human beings. Evaluate and describe why noise acts as an environmental pollutant. What type of environment do you live in? How does your environment (e.g., urban, rural) affect you? Support your answer with citations and proper APA 6th ed. references.

Neurological processes

What are the neurological processes involved when behavioral changes result from changes in brain chemistry due to brain injury or illness? What happens in the nervous system to cause these changes? Please reply

Is Carl Jung relevant today?

1. What is the current social attitude towards Jung's theory of archetypes? 2. Is the consensus from the public in agreement that part of our personality is composed of opposing forces that strive for balance and transcendence, or do they disagree? 3. Why or why not?

Psychology: Skinner and free will

A dramatic implication of Skinner's approach to psychology is that people are seen not to have free will. Behavior is under control of the environment; feelings of self-control are illusory. Might there be counter-arguments to Skinner's position?

Test measure

What do aptitude tests measure? How are they different from achievement tests? Thanks!