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Abnormal Psychology

Link between homelessness and psychosis?

Question 1: Is there a relationship between psychosis and homelessness? Explain your answer. Question 2: What are the signs of childhood depression? It can be misdiagnosed, please explain.

Dissonance-arousing circumstances and Reactance Theory

1. Describe the Reactance Theory and explain why people sometimes do precisely the opposite of what they are told to do. 2. What are two specific situations or ways of behavior that illustrate dissonance-arousing circumstances? Explain and define cognitive dissonance.


What is the difference between professional ethics and personal ethics? Give Two (2) examples of each.


1: How does the quality of leadership impact employee motivation? 2: How can we as managers/ employees recognize which of Cathcartâ??s (1999) seven inherent values a staff member most identifies with? How might understanding this theory impact your work setting? 3: Which theory of motivation and emotion is the most app

Licensed mental health providers in abnormal psychology

Identifying two licensed professionals in the field of abnormal psychology such as psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and pastoral counselors and examine how these professionals utilize the concepts of abnormal psychology.

Euthanasia or physician assisted suicide

Compare and contrast physician-assisted suicide with euthanasia. Do you believe in a "right" to die? Please also discuss or analysis about the following concepts: - Passive euthanasia - Involuntary enthanasia, nonvoluntary euthanasia, or voluntary euthanasia And your thought.

Ethnic backgrounds

If you are a Native American or Asian-American, how would you describe the general attitude toward those with your racial or ethnic background? Do you feel discriminated against because of your race or ethnic background? If so, provide examples of how this behavior manifests. If not, explain why you believe you are not discr

Human motivation in the workplace

1. -- What factors should be considered when setting a goal? (e.g., organizationâ??s needs, time, resources, employee sophistication, and the job need.) Explain your thoughts. 2. -- What is the impact of goal setting on employee motivation? How have you experienced or observed goal setting in action? 3. -- When people

Discuss: Intrinsic Motivators and Extrinsic Rewards

Please discuss the following: 1. How can intrinsic motivators and extrinsic rewards blend to maximize productivity? 2. How can you integrate rewards given at all levels of an organization into a company-wide reward system?

Hospice and Pallative Care

I'm looking for information on hospice and palliative care, as well as the implications for home care and social support. What is the single most important challenge for contemporary hospice and palliative care providers? If you were given the opportunity, would you consider using any of the levels of hospice for yourself or a

Racial and Ethnic Background

What have you learned about a person's racial or ethnic background and values from interaction with them, and how do they perceive their place in society and explain why you believe this to be the case.

What is the definition of feminist?

Can you help me to get started with the definitions of the terms feminist and feminism? Summarize these definitions to come up with definitions that correctly define both and write about what have you learned about the perceptions of feminism.

Comparison of personality disorders

Question 1: Are anxiety disorders over-treated with medication? Explain your answer. Question 2: What is obsessive-compulsive disorder? How can this disorder be managed? Reference Hansell, J. & Damour, L. (2008). Abnormal psychology (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons.

Questions about human motivation

Are extraverts and introverts born (through genetics) or made (through experience and learning)? Explore and explain. Extrinsic rewards can have positive effects on motivation and behavior, and extrinsic rewards can have negative effects on motivation and behavior. Explain how both statements can be true. Can we volunt

Psychology Problem

Here is the question... 1. Assume an individual engages in behaviors that are in conflict with their stated religious beliefs and they experience dissonance. What impact might this have on their beliefs? What might allow people to productively resolve that dissonance?

Psychology problem

1. Can health-related theories in psychology be used to predict who will and who will not adhere to medical advice? Why or why not?

Questions on Behaviorism Theory

This solution helps answer the following questions about behaviorism theory with references. 1. What is the implicit epistemology of behaviorism? 2. What are the core values of this theory? 3. What does this theory view as the The Good Life? (meaning what is the life they should look after or seek) 4. What does thi

Gender Identity Disorder

Homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder until 1973. Now, it is seen as a normal variant of sexual behavior. Today, another diagnosis called gender identity disorder (GID) is undergoing a similar debate. Present the diagnostic criteria of GID to your class, and ask them to consider the role of cultural and historical re

Culture - Bias - Functions

1. why do individualistic and collectivism cultures differ in their tendency to make the fundamental attribution error? 2. The literature on attribution processes identifies a number of "biases" in the processes by which we perceive other persons. How do these biases influence the impressions we form of others as we interact

Therapy and Testing Connection

Can effective therapy happen without administering psychological testing? Explain why or why not. Under what circumstances is testing useful?

Culture influence psychological testing

In what ways does culture influence psychological testing? Please provide an answer to the question in detail with at least 300 words. Provide references as party of the solution.

Summary of a journal article

I am working on a research paper and need some help extracting from the attached journal article. The angle I am looking to report on is the impact that sexual abuse can have on a marriage. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Questions on working in groups and communication principles and strategies

Compare and contrast Decision making and Problem solving. How are they different? Why is it important to separate the two processes? Include two (2) direct quotations from the textbook for this course. "Decision making refers to the 'passing of judgment on an issue under consideration' and 'the act of reaching a c

Case Study on Scenario

Case Study Esmeralda Trujillo, 35, has lived in your community for six months with her four children, ages 4, 6, 10, and 15. The family is living with relatives in a small house on the outskirts of the city, and they cannot stay there much longer. In Guatemala, Esmeralda lived with her husband, had a garden that virtually fed