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    Catastrophies caused by hurricane Katrina

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    Give examples of catastrophes from Hurricane Katrina. What affect do these catastrophes have on individuals in Katrina? Please cite sources.

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    Katrina had many effects on the individuals that had to deal with the catastrophe. According to USA Today Katrina dispersed around 300,000 individuals to neighboring states which in turn nearly doubled the population of those areas while draining the population of New Orleans and the surrounding cities. This had an effect on the economy of all areas that took individuals in and on those areas that lost those individuals. While some people who were moved to safe areas came back after the disaster, many did not, leaving the New Orleans area and the surrounding states that were affected by the hurricane with fewer finances than they were used to, especially since this is a huge tourist industry and the economy has ...

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    This solution is comprised of over 400 words with references and examples on the destruction that hurricane Katrina caused and the affect this damage had on the individuals involved.