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Benefits to Wraparound Programs for Mental Health

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What are some positive benefits of a wrap around program?

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Wraparound services are community-based interventions that are most commonly used for children and adults with severe mental health conditions. Most commonly, this approach involves a team of people who focus on helping the child or adult ("client"). A typical wraparound team may consist of any or all of the following individuals: client, client's family members and/or friends, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker (or case manager), and school counselor. Working together, the wraparound team strives to help the client improve their mental health condition and ability to function in the greater community.

There are several benefits to using a wraparound approach:
1. The client is part of his/her treatment. Having the client be part of his/her treatment is one of the major ...

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The following summary discusses the benefits of wraparound teams to provide mental health services.

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