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Abnormal Psychology

Approaches to Learning: Compare and contrast Kuhn and Poppe

1) Considering there are different opinions about the definition of learning, different types of learning, such as classical and instrumental, and differences in how people learn, how can this information be applied? Discuss implications for using this information in a variety of settings such as clinical, counseling, industrial

Psychodynamic Perspective

Explain psychodynamic perspective and how culture, ethnicity and race may influence behavior and why psychologists need to take these factors into account?

Team work pros and cons

1. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of working in teams? Why do you feel this way? 2. Why is it important to understand the cultural dimensions of group members? How can differences impact group communication?

Evolution theory examples are offered.

Define briefly the meaning of "evolution theory". Provide examples of how the formulation of "evolution theory" impacted the development of psychology as a formal discipline. Explain briefly the German model of higher education and how it influenced universities in America and psychology today.

Important information about Solution-Focused Therapy

Review the Lisa case study. This week, consider Lisa's situation from a Solution-Focused perspective. -From this perspective, who would you want to attend the majority of sessions? Why? -Describe what the role of the therapist would be from this perspective. - Describe what the assessment process would look like fro

Workplace Drug Screening Opinion

Discuss legal and ethical issues concerning workplace drug testing while also addressing workplace drug prevention and education programs. Consider these issues: o Types of drug tests, such as urinalysis and sweat tests, and the reliability of those methods o Types of drug testing programs, such as mandatory and voluntary

Influences on validty and reliability of tests

A student takes the GRE and scores low on it due to having a headache. The student retakes the test when he or she is feeling better two weeks later and scores higher on the test. What can be said about the reliability and validity of the test?

Life-Span Development - old age

Given that people are living longer now than when the different personality theories were developed, how would I adapt existing theories to older age groups?

Issues of Diversity

Feminist View (article review) Research a professional journal article that address feminism within the context of a reported intervention. -Summarize the article or articles, noting the main points. - With what do you agree and disagree? Discuss any cultural bias you noted on the part of the therapist or ways in which t

therapy questions

1 Have you ever changed a strongly held attitude? What caused the change for you? 2 Do you believe that you are free of prejudice? After reading this chapter, which of the many factors that cause prejudice do you think is most important to change? 3 How do Milgram's results, particularly the finding tha

Nathan Ackerman is summarized.

-historical context, main ideas and techniques -assumptions about therapeutic approach, and the school of family therapy with which belong to -what are his contributions to psychology?

Ethical dilemma

What's the ethical dilemma in this case? What did the counselor do wrong? What could the counselor do differently? Case study: Ward and June Brett is a ten year old son of June and Ward. They visited Brett's school psychologist who tested and assessed Brett on their request. The results showed that Brett has ADD and a

Explain Solution Focused Therapy related to the attached case study.

I need an outline of how the solution focused therapy method will be applied to this case study and a model description.(apa resources needed). Model Description Provide a brief overview of the history of the selected model and its founders, and discuss the essential ideas of the approach. Cite original sources, and be sur

The Effects of Population Density and Noise

Analyze the effect of population density and noise on individuals. As a part of your analysis be sure to address the following items: - Describe the concepts of territoriality, privacy, and personal space. - Examine how the concepts of territoriality, privacy, and personal space have become increasingly important a

Reframing/ Positive connotation

Reframing and positive connotation are two hallmarks of the MRI and Milan approaches. Compare and contrast the ideas of reframing and positive connotation: -Describe how they are alike and distinguishing ways in which they are different (need apa resources) -And provide examples that show understanding of the differences

Case study is explicated.

-Discuss what you feel are the key ethical concerns related to this case. -What are your concerns related to competency and training based on your knowledge of the ethical guidelines? -As a counselor, what would you offer in terms of a resolution to these concerns? The Case of Lelitha and Amador Lalitha and Amador have

Discuss boundary issues and multiple relationships.

List three brief scenarios that illustrate examples of the types of boundary issues or multiple relationships you may encounter in the work you will be doing as a counselor; describing the client, the counseling setting, and the situation that has raised these issues. What makes these scenarios ethical challenges? Using o

Group formation is debated for the scenario.

You are working in a community mental health center in a rural area that has a need for you to start an addictions group for clients with alcoholism. You meet with your boss and he asks you to bring your proposal to present at the next board meeting in order to get them on board to approve funding for this program. â?¢How y

Ethics in research

A psychologist who conducts qualitative research on social support and major life stresses is interested in how parents cope with the death of a young child. He decides to research the use of Internet sources of support. Posing as a parent who has recently lost a child, he subscribes to several lists and participates in discussi

A drug-free workplace evaluation is embedded.

Scenario: The Jackdaw Company manufactures designer label clothing in several locations throughout New York and New Jersey. The company has grown. The CEO and HR department is considering instituting a drug-free workplace policy along with mandatory drug testing for new hires. They are not fully convinced that such a policy

Whitaker Approach for Bill and Barbara Case Study

Bill and Barbara are in their early 30s and have been married for eight years. Their oldest child, Brenda, 7 years old, has recently been wetting the bed at night. This is surprising to her parents, as she had successfully potty trained before her fourth birthday. Their younger child, three-year-old Bobby, is in the process of l

Acronym and Mnemonic Devices

1. Can anyone give me a definition of acronym? And how this helps the students when it comes to remember something? Please provide examples. 2. Can you also help me define mnemonic devices, and how this help the students learn the material? How is the effectiveness?

Examples of ethic issues and resolution

In an employment setting, please describe two or three ethical issues that existed in this setting. Then explain what you would do as an ethical counselor to address these issues. Include what type of consultation and/or supervision you would seek and from whom, as well as the qualifications the supervisor/consultant should have

Instrumental Conditioning

QUESTIONS Describe your selected learning situation. Compare and contrast the concepts of positive and negative reinforcement as they relate to your selected situation. Explain the role of reward and punishment in your selected learning situation. Explain which form of instrumental conditioning would be most effective i