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Abnormal Psychology

When are dual relationships not harmful?

When are dual relationships not harmful? The general rule is to avoid dual relationships. Those that are permitted are usually when it is un-avoidable (such as in a small town) and clearly not harmfull. However, it is more rare to come up with a situation when a dual relationship would be actually desirable and beneficial.

Abnormal behavior causes and treatment

Please help with the following problem about abnormal psychology. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. Discuss causes of abnormal behavior (spiritual, physical, emotional, etc.) and what should be included in treatment of abnormal behavior.

Artificiality in Psychology

What is meant by artificiality in psychology? Do you agree or disagree that psychological experiments are artificial? Explain your answer. What is a single-cause explanation? Why do you think that individuals gravitate towards single-cause explanations to solve lifes mysteries?

Boundary crossings or dual relationships

Please help with the following problem. Is it always possible to prevent boundary crossings or dual relationships? Why or why not? Can you think of situations when these boundaries might be unavoidably crossed, and how it might be handled in the most ethical way?

Short summary for each question; Social learning, Cognitive, Behavioral theory

My theories is behavior and social cognitive. Explain how these theories will influence the future of psychology. Explain if there is a new method that you can apply to or research in psychology. Explain how the information in this presentation affects your worldview. Explain how you used critical or creative thinki

Ethics in Psychological Research-Deception in Research

Examine the issue of deception in research in ethics and psychological research. Address the following items: a. Define ethics b. Discuss the concept of risk/benefit ratio. c. Describe deception in research d. Evaluate the impact of deception in research on psychological research e. Format according to APA standards *Pr

Asssumptions in therapy

Compare and contrast the following assumptions underlying each approach Individual Therapy Asks why? Linear cause and effect Meaning of reality objectivity Observer. Couple and family therapy: Asks "what" Reciprocal causality Meaning of reality-subjectivity Observer-Participant

Research Methodology

A. Give two examples, each, of what role research plays in your life, and what role does research play in the field of psychology? b. Describe ethics in relation to research. Why are professional ethics and a healthy understanding of ethics important for research?

Short essay answer: psychotherapies and theories

Module 6 chapter outline module 36 Psychotherapy: Psychodynamic, Behavioral, and Cognitive Approaches to Treatment Psychodynamic Approaches to Therapy Behavioral Approaches to Therapy Cognitive Approaches to Therapy module 37 Psychotherapy: Humanistic and Group Approaches to Treatment Humanistic Therapy Interperson

Psychologists Standards of Ethics

It is always unfortunate to hear of these incidents, as they are very disturbing to the employees, and diminish the professional atmosphere. It sounds like it was particularly disturbing to you as it took place in a what should be a professional atmosphere. This raises a question for those of us in the helping professions, p

Common sense and peoples' beliefs

What are the connections between common sense and people's beliefs, and how do these differences and connections relate to critical thinking and to being a scholar-practitioner in the mental health counseling profession?

Availability heuristic

You are the commissioner of a state lottery system that sponsors daily and weekly drawings. Lottery tickets have not been selling well over the past few months. Describe at least two ways you could take advantage of people's use of the availability heuristic to boost sales. Explain why you would judge your tactics to be fair or

A Clockwork Orange (film) elements

A Clockwork Orange (film) according to A Clockwork Orange (film) 1) give an example of calssical conditioning 2) what is the conditioned and unconditioned stimuli and responses in the two examples of classical conditioning 3) give example of group think.explain 4) give example of group polarization. explain

Intelligence Definition and Measurement

Please help me get started with the following: Select two assessments of intelligence and two achievement tests. *DO NOT USE AN APTITUDE TEST* Analyze the four instruments: 1. Compare and contrast several major definitions of intelligence. DO NOT use definitions from dictionaries. Definitions of intelligence should be obt

A Clockwork Orange (film) is examined in terms of Freudian theory.

Please help with these problems about abnormal psychology. Provide at least 200 words. 1) Based on Freud's Psychosexual stages, what stage is he fixated on? Explain 2) If you had to diagnose Alex with a personality disorder based on his behaviors and beliefs, which one would you choose? Explain.

identical and fraternal twins

What are ways that behavior genetics uses twin studies to understand the effects of hereditary and the environment? response is 596 words plus references


How is the field of psychology similar to other sciences? How is it different? Do you believe that psychology should be classified as a science? What are the advantages and disadvantages to being classified as a science? response is 478 words plus a reference

Case conceptualization

In a counseling setting, what are some of the factors or variables that would be most pertinent or helpful in working up a case conceptualization? How does one's level of cultural competence influence the conceptualization of the client? What multicultural counseling variables are salient with the population of clients being se

Social and trait theory

Describe and contrast how social learning approach and trait theory explain personality differences between individuals. Also, discuss some examples of research relevant to these 2 approaches that show how differences in personality may influence behavior in the workplace. response is 531 words

Skinner & Behavioral Analysis

Create an outline that would get you started on a 10 page research paper regarding "Skinner & Behavioral Analysis". Include the ideas and important points needed for this topic.

Specific theory and integrative theory

Discuss advantages and disadvantages of practicing within a specific theory as opposed to developing an integrative approach containing several therapies. (response is 283 words plus a reference)


I am doing a 1300 word survey paper on unemployment in the state of California. Please help me with the qestions listed below. Explain the purpose of the survey. Discuss the preliminary design issues you experienced in creating the survey. Describe the specific instructions for administering, scoring, and interpreting you