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Abnormal Psychology

Stages of the scientific method are briefly discussed.

What stage of the scientific method would someone be at if they make a prediction that drinking alcohol will make people more violent during a sporting event? a) developing a theory b) forming a testable hypothesis c) designing a study d) reviewing the literature of existing theories

Psychotherapy is exemplified.

One way in which psychotherapy can be defined is by the theories which support their processes. But is theory critical in providing quality psychotherapy or is it more important to be proficient in techniques? This probably is a lead to the questions whether psychotherapy is more art than science. From your understanding of the

Career counseling is advised from the included case study.

How might understanding the client's past decision making experiences inform your work as a career counselor? Why? According to Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey (2009), career counselors seek to establish rapport with their clients, assess their client's career concerns, establish goals for the career counseling relationship, and inte

Problem solving approaches are summarized.

1. Explain the different approaches to the study of problem solving. 2. Analyze the function of reasoning, judgment, and decision making in the problem-solving process. At least two scholarly references.

Research methods

Question: What are three non-experimental research methods? Define and explain the type of data that would be used in each of your chosen methods. I am learning this subject and having some difficulties in writing it out. I need scholarly sources with the help given. My text is Smith, R. A., & Davis, S. F. (2010). T

How Culture Influences Psychological Testing

Please help answer the following question. In what ways does culture influence psychological testing? I have to answer this question with 200 words but I am having trouble finding information that will help me actually answer this question. I have been looking in my school book and online and find stuff about cultural dif

Piaget's and Erikson's theories

Briefly describe Piaget's and Erikson's theories about the stages of development. Explain the differences and similarities between the two theories in how they approached development. Explain whether Piaget's and Erikson's explanations of social and moral development are applicable to today's children.

Emotions and Motivations

Larry would be described at work as proficient, timely, and gets back or fixes customers problems in an orderly manner. He has been there for five years and receives top ratings with customers as well as management. He was given a project to help customer service and was even given the leadership role. Larry was pumped up and

Statements are evaluated in the context of multicultural counseling.

What would be an appropriate response to those who make the following statements? o They chose to come here. o Why should we learn their language? They should be forced to learn ours. o If their manner of dress is inappropriate for the workplace, they should be required to conform. o This country was based on Chris

Measurements used in psychological research are delineated.

Describe the similarities and differences between quantitative and qualitative research. Address the following topics: ? Foundational belief systems ? Sampling approaches ? Data collection strategies ? Data analysis procedures ? Conclusions from data ? List sources and references

Dual relationships are summarized.

1. Provide some pointers on what types of resources are available for professionals in the field of psychology concerning dual relationships and boundary issues. 2.Discuss the appropriateness of dual relationships. There are some that believe that there are some dual relationships that are appropriate, while there are others

A systems therapy application is modeled.

-What is the systems therapy philosophy? (approach etc) -Specify how the theory would conceptualize his "problem," what key concepts can be applied, and discuss two specific interventions you would use with this client. -Identify a limitation of using the theory to this case. (Keep in mind legal and ethical considerations as w

Communication Related to Cultural Differences

How might cultural differences affect communication between culturally diverse groups? What are some current examples of how language is used to perpetuate stereotypes of culturally diverse individuals?

Child's Developmental Milestones

Why is it so important to understand a child's developmental milestones, especially those for communication and social and emotional development? Give reasons.

Operant vs. Classical Conditioning: Long Term Effects

Use the learning concepts in Chapter 4 to describe an episode of classical conditioning you have experienced or observed, and likewise an incident of operant conditioning. Did those learning experiences last over time and did they generalize to other situations?

Feminist Theory and the Therapeutic Process

-How does the feminist theory view the therapeutic process? -Describe how you would incorporate some of the key concepts, goals, and interventions of feminist theory into the psychotherapy process to address the issues of clients (both men and women) from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. -How will you include wellne

Comparing Psychometric and Cognitive Theories of Intelligence

There are different theories of intelligence - some are based on psychometric principles ( or on how intelligence has been measured) while others rely on the cognitive viewpoint. Compare the psychometric and cognitive theories of intelligence. Chose one of the cognitive theories and explain how this theory can be used to describ

Operant learning

Betty doesn't sleep in her own bed. Her parents' are trying to teach her to sleep in her own bed and not watch T.V. Learning has taken place for Betty and her parents. How has learning taken place for the child as well as her parents? Explain in operant learning terms. If Betty's parents asked you for advice on how to ensur

Intelligence Testing Article Analysis

Use resources to locate at least three articles concerning intelligence testing. Use your selected articles to prepare an article analysis in which you address the following items: Analyze at least two theories of intelligence related to the content of your selected articles. Evaluate the effectiveness of intelligence tes

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy application

-how the theory would conceptualize his problem -what key concepts can be applied -discuss two specific interventions to use with this client. - Identify a limitation of applying the theory to this case.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Modification

(Use apa resources to support answers) -What is rational emotive behavior therapy? -What is Cognitive behavior modification therapy? -Discuss Similarities between Ellis's REBT and Meichenbaum's CBM (their philosophical assumptions) -Differences in the philosophy and approach of each

Middle Childhood Psychological Perspectives

There are children who are "attention getters" and want to be popular but in a negative way. They feel that by bullying their peers they would get respect and be accepted. Why do you think this child behaves in a negative way?