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    Three characteristics of qualitative vs quantitative studies

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    There are important differences between the qualitative research design and the quantitative research design.

    Define at least three characteristics of a qualitative study that are unique to this effort.
    Define at least three characteristics of a quantitative study.
    Discuss and compare these differences.

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    Qualitative studies have a different goal from quantitative studies. Qualitative studies are trying to understand WHY something is occurring. They specifically try to find participants with deep experience in the variables of interest and interview them or observe them in details, sometimes for extended periods. The ask questions, specifically about WHY and HOW they made certain choices or how they felt about certain events. This helps the researcher to explain the demographic outcomes in quantitative studied and helps to learn the ...

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    Your tutorial is 264 words to give you the general goal of these two research approaches and gives you three characteristics. Three references that give you more characteristics (up to 12) are given for more study.