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    Multicultural Counseling

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    What would be an appropriate response to those who make the following statements?

    o They chose to come here.

    o Why should we learn their language? They should be forced to learn ours.

    o If their manner of dress is inappropriate for the workplace, they should be required to conform.

    o This country was based on Christianity.

    o A woman's place is in the kitchen.

    Note: Your response needs to be as a therapist.

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    As it relates to the following statements, Multicultural Counseling would be conducted in a liberating context. Ponterotto, Casas, Suzuki & Alexander (1995) assert that clients need to understand that issues such as racism, sexism, and cultural and religious bias may be underlying much of their psychological difficulties. Thus, in a counseling session, clients are liberated to awareness of themselves in a social context. Following this recommendation, the following responses to the proposed statements are suggested:

    (a) "They chose to come here", to this statement, I would ask the client to who are references made with the use of the term "they?" From a therapist's perspective, efforts should be made of the client's understanding of other cultures. The therapist could suggest the need for the client to challenge myths and stereotypes perpetuated by society by making efforts to understand who he views as "they". I would counsel the client that taking this action could help to foster a better understanding and acceptance of other people, and self. For instance, to do a critical self-analysis would help the ...

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    This solution evaluates statements concerning differences in attitudes, views, and dress attire in the context of Multicultural counseling.