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Performance & Motivation

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Larry would be described at work as proficient, timely, and gets back or fixes customers problems in an orderly manner. He has been there for five years and receives top ratings with customers as well as management.

He was given a project to help customer service and was even given the leadership role. Larry was pumped up and work many hours on it and even took it home. Larry finished it in a few months and management was pleased that it was turned in, in a timely manner. Weeks went by and nothing was said about his hard work. Customers began to complain about his lack of attention. Larry doesn't fix his job fun anymore and wants to quit and get a new one.

What caused Larry's work performance to change? What is his emotional arousal and motivation?

What would you recommend Larry to do and his supervisor?

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Emotions and Motivations
A human being has several mental functions classified in three main categories such as cognition, affect and connation. An emotion is considered as an important aspect of effect which is normally thoroughly explored. Nowadays, conation is usually referred to as motivation. The basic operation of the mind is related to desire and knowledge while emotion and motivation are grouped in a latter category. Emotion and motivation are both said to load on high intensities or energy rather than loading on direction or information (Parkinson, & Colman 1995).

An individual's environment will determine his or her emotion as well as motivation. The aspect of evaluation however determines an individual's emotion such as the feelings of a person and the individual acts with respect to situations of interest. Emotions are considered as motivation precursors since they provide a signal for our inclinations to act in a particular way towards a certain environmental portion. Motivation ...

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