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Research Methodology Measures

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Describe the similarities and differences between quantitative and qualitative research.
Address the following topics:
? Foundational belief systems
? Sampling approaches
? Data collection strategies
? Data analysis procedures
? Conclusions from data
? List sources and references

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Research begins with questions that lead to strategies as to how to answer thoses questions. For example, efforts to answer questions in psychological research are developed through a workable hypothesis, which is a prediction regarding the relationship between the factors that you tend to measures (e.g., behavior).

? Measurements used in psychological research involve quantitative and qualitative approaches

Qualitative research is a method that is used to understand human behavior by investigating why or how a particular phenomenon occurred. Qualitative data uses descriptive terms to measure or classify data. Examples of qualitative data include surveys, interviews, focus groups, and telephone interviews etc. Additionally, Qualitative data are observed and not measured.

Quantitative research is based on a scientific method, which is a set of procedures used to observe, or conduct experiments. For example, quantitative data assume numerical values that can be measured. Quantitative data include experiments, variable analysis. However, interviews and surveys can also be quantified if the data are given numerical values such as a survey instrument requiring responses to statements that are measured. For example, Likert-type items that require participants to respond to statements that are numerically ranked such as strongly disagree (1) to strongly disagree (5).

? Foundation of belief systems

Psychological foundations are based on four approaches: (a) Naturalistic orientation, (b) biological orientation, (c) mathematical orientation, (d) ...

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