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Abnormal Psychology

Personal Philosophy Example (Incl. 5 Branches)

Describe your philosophy, including the branches of philosophy we have discussed this semester: metaphysics, ethics, epistemology, logic, philosophy of religion, political, and aesthetic. Be sure to include your approach to ethics, politics, epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of religion.

Paradoxical Interventions applied to 2 case histories

The Strategic school of therapy is widely known for its use of paradoxical interventions. -define paradoxical interventions; how can I as a student better understand this concept. -How would this principle be applied (at least 2 examples from the case below) Jean and Henry have been married for eight years and have one chil

Multicultural Approach

-Discuss the ethical need for a multicultural approach to counseling. -Why is this important to counselors? -Describe several of the competencies related to multicultural counseling. (use apa articles for support)

Research on modern black women and marriage

I need help writing a short research paper on "black women why are they still single." Therefore, the paper needs to list five discipline in relation to the topic, such financial, pyschology, econmical, legal or social...etc.

Dual Relationships and Boundaries

Scenario: A client you are seeing has a house on St. Thomas. One day during a particular difficult session, the client suggests that you might enjoy a trip to St. Thomas and a stay at his villa on the ocean. You tell him that you really do not have any time for a trip but thank him for his offer. The next week, the client state

Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Using Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligences, can you please give me an example by picking a topic that you would like to teach (Examples: Civil War, Charlotte's Web, China, etc.) and create a five step action plan to include activities addressing various learning styles. Provide a rationale and two resources.

Why use Person Centered Theory and/or Feminist Theory as a treatment response for an unmarried single woman who has decided to have a baby on her own before potential health issues limit her chances to be a mother.

I have attached the following case study. I'm trying to determine why out of all the theories person centered & feminist theory's have been chosen to apply to this problem and if both of these theories will actually work for the client. What is the main focus using these theories? Please review the scenario and determine fro

Question about Operant conditioning

What is operant conditioning? How do reinforcement, punishment, and extinction apply to operant conditioning? How do the concepts of reward versus punishment apply to society? Explain your answer and use examples from your own life experience.

The Case of Mark

The Case of Mark Mark is a counselor in the inner city of Toledo, Ohio, where he maintains a private practice. Mark works Monday through Thursday providing services to low-income clients. He often lets clients go without payment because he knows that they really need the help. He even lets the few who do have insurance go wit

The practice of deception (practice when someone is led to believe something that is untrue) may be used in research methodologies when valid results cannot be obtained by disclosing to subjects the real purpose of the research. However, the "no informing" practice of deception is viewed as more ethically objectionable (Sieber, Iannuzzo & Rodriguez, 1995).

Deception in studies involving the practice of no informing. No-informing suggests that participants are unaware that they are participating in research, which could have long -lasting psychological or physical effects. Non-informing invites several potential ethical objections (a) First, the subject's privacy is invaded, (b) th

Boundary issues in counseling identifies

Could you give a brief description of three boundary issues that would be the most challenging for you to "honor" and why (please include potential harm and benefits), and give relevant ethical codes (ACA or AMHCA). Then, would you address these same issues in a supervisory relationship? Three boundary issues discussed as chal

Social cognitive theory

I am studying social cognitive theory. I need to learn about the strengths and limitations of social cognitive theory and explain what it does to an individual's behavior.

Subdisciplines within psychology are considered.

Which sub-discipline or sub-disciplines within psychology do you believe will become increasingly important in the future? Why? How do you see psychology being applied to improve society's future?

Ethical Dilemmas in Psychology

Situation: You have begun seeing a client in therapy and find that his insurance does not cover outpatient mental health issues. You suggest to the client that you will continue to see him for a reduced rate so that he is able to continue and pay out of pocket for his sessions. -Identify the ethical dilemma (s) presented in

Ethical dilemma- Client asks you for money

Situation: A client that you have been seeing for some time comes to a session very upset. He has recently lost his job and the rent is due. He is married with two small children and has been trying unsuccessfully to find a new job. He asks you if you would be willing to loan him $100.00 until he gets his unemployment check w

How is stimulus learning applied to real life situations?

Explain the concept of habituation. Analyze the factors that affect perceptual learning. Examine the effects of stimulus exposure. Discuss the application of simple stimulus learning to at least two real life situations. analysis should include at least three references from scholarly sources.


What is the difference between conditioned and unconditioned responses? Provide at least 3 examples of each type of response, preferably from your own life experience. What does it mean when a behavior is classified as a conditioned response? What are some examples of conditioned emotional responses that you have observed in you

What are persepctive of Bowenian Family therapy?

Using the attached case study: * From a Bowenian perspective, who would you want to attend the majority of sessions? Why? * What is the role of the therapist from this perspective? * What would the assessment process look like from this perspective? * Who or what would be the target of intervention, and wha

Diversity and Multicultural Issues. Problems in the film are focused on gay and lesbian issues, the conflict of emotion, and boundaries and ethics dealing with clients with different sexual orientations.

Select between Jack or Ennis from the film Brokeback mountain and describe the diversity and multicultural issues you would need to address if you were working with him as a client in individual counseling. What concerns would you have about the client, as well as your ability to work with him effectively? What legal and ethical

Son of Sam Killer

The Son of Sam was a killer, starting in July of 1976, who stalked women in New York. He picked his victims randomly, but there was always a woman: either two women together or a man and a woman. He used a 44-caliber gun of an unusual make. This serial killer learned how to terrorize a city. Like most serial killers, he set fire

Design a Small N study

Design a Small N study to change a behavior of your own or of someone with whom you have a great deal of contact. Explain the following The target behavior and how it would be measured The reinforcer that would be used and how it would be delivered The particular Small N design you would use to demonstrate the effectiven

Discuss learning's evolutions.

Is learning the result of instinct or experience? Provide examples from your own life experience to support your viewpoint. Is there a difference between learning and performance? If so, what is it? If not, why? Please provide examples from your own life experience.