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Subdisciplines within psychology

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Which sub-discipline or sub-disciplines within psychology do you believe will become increasingly important in the future? Why?

How do you see psychology being applied to improve society's future?

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In terms of I/O psychology, there will be three specific areas on which will be focused. Each is listed below:

ONE) Workplace violence/aggression: Workplace aggression includes violence, verbal, indirect, deviant or passive behaviors that are intended to cause physical and/or emotional harm to others. Within this broad idea of aggression are many forms, types and categories of negative workplace behaviors. All research shows there are two targets of aggressive behaviors; organizations or individuals. Aggression toward organizations typically includes theft, tardiness, "loafing", absenteeism, withholding resources and sabotage. Almost all major acts of aggression are interpersonal since perpetrators do so because of unfair treatment by an agent of a company that produces frustration. Major interpersonal acts of aggression include belittling others, arguing, assaulting others, making threats, bullying, committing homicide, committing forcible sex, kidnapping, reckless endangering others, verbally abusing others, harassing others, exhibiting deviant and antisocial behaviors, behaving incivility, and engaging in disorderly conduct and dysfunctional behaviors.

The FBI states in its publication, Workplace Violence; Issues in Response (US-FBI, 2009) that there are four types of workplace aggression which show the relation between the aggressor and the target. Category I includes people who commit violent crimes against a business or organization for which the person has no relationship or connection to the establishment or with anyone associated with it. Nearly 80% of workplace violence homicides are Category I crimes. Category II encompasses violent acts against employees of an organization by a recipient of the organization's services such as nurses, doctors and social workers. Category III is similar to Category II except that the ...

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Future implications for psychological usage are listed and supported with references.