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    Review of Brokeback Mountain

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    Select between Jack or Ennis from the film Brokeback mountain and describe the diversity and multicultural issues you would need to address if you were working with him as a client in individual counseling. What concerns would you have about the client, as well as your ability to work with him effectively? What legal and ethical issues would you need to address in your work with this client?

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    Brokeback Mountain is an articulate story about two men, who both come from families involving emotional cruelty. They meet and become involved in an intimate relationship. The story portrays the men involved in an affair in which there are a lot of psychological issues. For Ennis (the person I would choose to work with as a client), the love would not be possible (Boucher & Pinto, 2007). As Boucher & Pinto point out, one of the problem as far as Ennis is concerned is the cultural location (Australia). According to Boucher and Pinto, Ennis is concerned about the "boundaries between the "sayable and the unsayable". In other words, Ennis grapples with what is considered taboo in society (not only Australia). As a ...

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    The story portrays two person s with a lot of psychological issues. Addressed in the review there are issues regarding feelings of alienation, and the need for connection. Multicultural and ethical issues are discussed that include: cultural sensitivity, social stigmatization, and discrimination that gay and lesbian clients encounter.