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Mountain States Potato Company: Test percentage of solids

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Write a essay concerning your findings to the company and include specific recommendations.

Mountain States Potato Company sells a by-product of its potato processing operation, called a filter cake, to area feed-lots as cattle feed. Recently, the feedlot owners have noticed that the cattle are not gaining weight as quickly as they once were. They believe that the root cause of the problem is that the percentage of solids in the filter cake is too low. Historically, the percentage of solids in the filter cakes ran slightly above 12%. Lately, however, the solids are running in the 11% range.

What is actually affecting the solids is a mystery, but something has to be done quickly. Individuals involved in the process were asked to identify variables that might affect the percentage of solids. This review turned up the six variables (in addition to the percentage of solids) listed below in the following table. Data collected by monitoring the process several times daily for 20 days are stored in the potato. xls file.


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