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Conducting a Taste Test using 10 Human Subjects

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Taste tests are a tool that marketers have been using for decades. The Pepsi Challenge was a great long-term boost for the soda maker beginning in the mid 1970's. The Whopper Virgins taste tests of 2008 may prove to be a successful campaign for Burger King.

1. You will conduct a taste test using 10 participants.

2. Select a packaged food product like chips, cereal, cookies, or ice cream, as examples.

It is suggested that you use a brand name product and its store brand/generic counterpart or you may use two different brands.

Be sure to compare 2 comparable products that taste similiar. For example: do not have a taste test of Life Cereal and Fruity Pebbles. You want to compare Fruity Pebbles with a Generic Version like Malt-o-Meal's Fruity Dyno-Bites.

3. Ask each respondent what brand of the product s/he usually buys before revealing the selected product.

4. Provide a detailed description of the process through which you collected the data.

5. Provide an overview of the Results without using tables or charts.

6. Analyze the results.

7. Assess the implications.

Please cite any references used.


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The expert conducts a taste test using ten human subjects.

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In today's competitive environment, "taste" test is a common strategy for companies to analyze the market position of their brand and understand the lacking features among all best brand that are preferred by consumers in food products. It also supports the company to determine current tastes of customers. This paper creates taste test and compare two potato chips brands in order to determine best brand in the market.
Data Collection Process
In order to create effective taste test, researcher has used primary data collection method. In this, researcher prepared a questionnaire that includes all the important questions related to the tastes and brand of the product. To collect fresh data, researcher has targeted 10 individuals from a shopping mall and offered them two different verities of chips. Both are from different brands. In this survey process, researcher has targeted 10 people, who are between the age group of 14-22 years in which 5 participants were male and five participants were female. After giving them chips for taste, researcher has also asked some questions to them (Appendix A).
It helps the researcher evaluated the taste and differences in needs of individual according to their gender. In the data collection process, researcher record all the data and information with the help of audio recording equipment. In the questionnaire, there questions in which researcher has asked them about their preferences of chips brand, why do they refer that brand, would they like to switch for new brand, if they like taste or not. Researcher has analyzed the result of different perception of participants (Guffey & Loewy, 2009).
Overview of Results
After getting the responses of participants regarding taste of two different brands ...

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