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Medical research on human beings

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Could you please help me to find the advantages and disadvantages of medical research on human beings and identify ethical dilemmas. The study I am doing is on the Tuskegee syphilis study which was the subject of Congressional Hearings in 1973.

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The following posting discusses the advantages and disadvantages of conducting medical research on humans. The explanation is given in 421 words.

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The advantages of medical research are the ability to see how the human body reacts to certain chemicals or medical procedures as well as learning more about the human body as a while. This allows us to create vaccines, medications and procedures to prolong life as well as eliminate and treat diseases as well as give people a better quality of life. It also allows us to treat some people who would otherwise not have enough money to be treated or treat people with treatments that are not yet approved to be accessible to the general public. This could give people relief from their illnesses or a cure for ...

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