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Solute and Solvent

In the background information, the table showed you that a mixture can be made between a minimum of two solids (SS), two liquids (LL), two gases (GG), gas and liquid(GL), solid and gas (GS), solid and liquid (SL). You will make mixtures that have some of the components mentioned above.
Big picture: The purpose of this experiment is to determine what happens if make a mixture with the following characteristics is made:
P- Polar, N- NonPolar
a. both polar components (PP)
b. both non-polar components (NN)
c. polar and non-polar components (PN)

Obtain three test tubes and place small amounts of salt, sugar and baby oil into the test tubes. Test the solubility of each solute with the solvents water (H2O), isopropyl alcohol (CH3 (CH3) CHOH) and charcoal lighter fluid (a mixture of hydrocarbons). Record, in the table below, whether the different combinations will form a solution or not.

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The expert determines what happens if a mixture is made. The minimum between two solids, two liquids, two gases, gas and liquids, solids and gas and solids and liquids are given.