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Colligative properties of solutions

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How is reverse osmosis related to the colligative properties of solutions?

What are other colligative properties? How are they similar or different? What common factors are present in equations for colligative properties?
Why do you think any given factors are associated with a particular colligative property?

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The colligative properties of solutions are examined. The given factors are associated with a particular colligative properties are examined.

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There are 4 colligative properties namely:
1. Vapor pressure lowering
2. Boiling point elevation
3. Freezing point depression
4. Osmotic pressure

The similarity among these 4 colligative properties is that, they all depend on the amount of solute present, and not on the identity of the solute. The necessary equations involved in colligative properties are:
1. For Vapor pressure lowering:

P = xsolvent P0
Where P = vapor pressure of solution
P0 = vapor pressure of pure solvent
xsolvent = mole fraction of the solvent

xsolvent = moles of solvent/(moles solvent + moles solute)

2. For Boiling point ...

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