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    Colligative Properties-non-calibrated thermometer

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    Suppose your thermometer read consistently 1.0 o C lowered throughout both parts in the colligative properties lab. What effect would that have on your experimental value for the molar mass of your unknown solute?
    -no effect
    -higher molar mass
    -lower molar mass

    If the freezing point of the mixture had been incorrectly read 1.0 oC higher than the true freezing point, would the calculated molar mass of the solute be too high or too low? The fp of the pure substance was read correctly.

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    The equation is dT = Kf x mass of solute / (mass of solvent x molar mass of solute)

    If you noted the freezing point of the ...

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    The effect of a non-calibrated thermometer on the colligative property is explained.