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    Physics: Fahrenheit, Celsius & Kelvin conversions

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    Three thermometers are placed in a closet, insulated box and are allowed to reach thermal equilibrium. One is calibrated in Fahrenheit degrees, one in Celsius degrees, and one in Kelvins. The Celsius thermometer reads -40 degrees; Celsius and the Kelvin thermometer read 233K. Which of the following statements is necessarily true?

    A) If the temperature of the contents is increased by 10 C degrees, the reading on the Kelvin thermometer should increase by 273 K
    B) The Kelvin thermometer should read -233 K.
    C) The fahrenheit thermometer must read -40 degrees F
    D) If water were found within the box, it must be in the liquid state.
    E) The Kelvin thermometer should read -313K


    A child wants to pump up a bicycle tire so that its pressure is 1.2x105 Pa above that of atmostpheric pressure. If the child uses a pump with a circular piston 0.035m in diameter, what force must the child exert?

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    Answer is C.
    Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, we have: F = 9(-40)/5 + 32 = -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
    A is wrong because converting Celsius to Kelvin just needs additional ...

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