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Statistics Questions: Kelvin Scale

I think the Kelvin scale is a ratio scale. I think interval scales are widely used in the behavioral sciences. Do you disagree with either? If so, why?

I asked, "What does it mean to be below Fahrenheit?"

"The statement Probability of body temperature is below Fahrenheit is 0.05 means that only 5% (250 persons in 5000) have body temperature below Fahrenheit."

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The Kelvin temperature scale was developed by Lord Kelvin in the mid 1800s. The zero point of this scale is equivalent to -273.16 °C on the Celsius scale. This zero point is considered the lowest possible temperature of anything in the universe. Therefore, the Kelvin scale is also known as the absolute temperature scale. At the freezing point of water, the temperature of the Kelvin scale reads 273 K. At the boiling point of water, it reads 373 K.
Since the definition ...

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This solution goes into detail about whether or not Kelvin is a ratio or interval scale, and comments on the prevalence of interval scales in behavioral sciences.