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    unit conversion

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    1. Convert the following numbers to SI:
    a. 56.8 in =
    b. 1 year =
    c. 34.8 atm =
    d. 8.3 Btu/min =
    e. 38.96 ft/min
    f. 98.6 furlongs per fortnight
    g. 34.5 in pdl
    h. 15.8 gal/min

    2. Perform the following conversions:
    a. 34.589 Pa to psia
    b. 34.6 m/s to mph
    c. 89.6 L to m3
    d. 68.4 in3 to ft3
    e. 964 slug to lbm
    f. 569 pdl to lbf
    g. 56.8 glug to g
    h. 78.5 mug to kg
    i. 358 atm L to Btu
    j. 1.2 steradians to square degrees

    3. Convert the following temperatures to the Kelvin temperature scale:
    a. 259.6 R
    b. 145 C
    c. 98.6 F

    4. Convert the following temperature intervals to Kelvin.
    a. 58.3 C;
    b. 89.7 F;
    c. 4.5 R;

    5. A weir is a slot in an open channel with water flowing over it (Figure 14.12). For a weir with a rectangular shape, the following formula can be derived:
    Q = 5.35 Lh^(3/2)
    Q = water flow rate. ft3/s
    L = length of weir, ft
    h = height of liquid above weir gate, ft

    Do the following:
    a. Determine the units associated with the constant that are needed to make the equation dimensionally homogeneous.
    b. Determine a new constant that allows the following units to be used:

    Q = water flow rate, gal/min
    L = length of weir, ft
    h = height of liquid above weir gate, in

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