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Working with heat of vaporization

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I have attached the graphs. I don't think the first one is useful, but i needed to plot the data and find the heat of vaporization. Hence, the reason for the second graph. I know that the slope is equal to the heat of vaporization/RT but I don't think I am getting the right answer.

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Convert the temperarure values to Kelvin by the addition of 273. take ln of the vapor pressure values and plot. ...

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The heat of vaporization are analyzed. The slope which is equal to heat of vaporization are given. The solution explains each step and provides all mathematical steps.

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The sublimation pressures of solid chlorine are 352 Pa at -112 C and 35 Pa at -126.5 C. The vapor pressures of liquid Chlorine are 1590 Pa at -100 C and 7830 Pa at -80C. Calculate a)heat of vaporization b)heat of sublimation c)heat of fusio d)triple point

I have already figured out the first three. The heat of sublimation is 31.2 kj/mole and the heat of vaporization is 22.l kj/mole. And since the heat of sublimation is equal to the heat of fusion plus the heat of vaporization then I just did simple algebra to get 9.1 kj/mol as the heat of fusion. However, the triple point is giving me trouble. I have found a number but I don't think that it is right. Can you please find the triple point for me.

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