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    Working with triple point

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    The sublimation pressures of solid chlorine are 352 Pa at -112 C and 35 Pa at -126.5 C. The vapor pressures of liquid Chlorine are 1590 Pa at -100 C and 7830 Pa at -80C. Calculate a)heat of vaporization b)heat of sublimation c)heat of fusio d)triple point

    I have already figured out the first three. The heat of sublimation is 31.2 kj/mole and the heat of vaporization is 22.l kj/mole. And since the heat of sublimation is equal to the heat of fusion plus the heat of vaporization then I just did simple algebra to get 9.1 kj/mol as the heat of fusion. However, the triple point is giving me trouble. I have found a number but I don't think that it is right. Can you please find the triple point for me.

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    At the triple point, solid, liquid and vapor are in equilibrium. For this to occur, the vapor pressure of the solid must equal the vapor pressure of the liquid. Otherwise, there would be net conversion of solid to liquid or liquid to solid resulting in either solid/gas or liquid/gas at equilibrium.
    <br>In the vicinity of the triple point, the variation ...

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