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    Pythagorean triples

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    1. What is the rule that allows you to find ALL the Pythagorean Triples that are possible.

    2. You should then find 5 different examples of Pythagorean Triples using this rule. You
    must show IN DETAIL how you created the 5 examples by the using the rule. It is not
    sufficient to simply list the Pythagorean triples without further ado.

    3. The examples you find should be different from each other in the sense that one should
    not be a multiple of another. For example: (3,4,5) is a Pythagorean Triple and if you
    multiply by 5 say, this will give another Pythagorean Triple (15,20,25). In this way a single Pythagorean Triple can generate many others but these are all basically multiples of the (3,4,5) one. We are not interested in multiples of already found Pythagorean Triples

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    The Pythagorean Triples have the following equation

    where are all positive integers.
    From the ...

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    This provides examples of working with Pythagorean triples, including finding all possible triples.