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    Change of State, calculate the heat of vaporization of water.

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    In an experiment, a certain amount of steam was allowed to mix with a known mass of cold water whose temperature is known. The change in temperature was noted. From the data obtained, calculate the heat of vaporization of water.

    Weight of calorimeter = 100.0g
    Specific heat of calorimeter = 0.1cal/g°C
    Mass of water = 400.0g
    Mass of condensed steam = 27.6g
    Temperature of cold water = 5.0°C
    Temperature of steam = 100.0°C
    Final Temperature of mixture = 45.0°C

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    RESPONSE: First a bit of basic physics.

    Note: A kilogram or a gram is an amount of mass M. The weight, W, of an object is the force exerted by gravity and the relation between the two is: W= M g.

    The specific heat, C, of a substance is the amount of heat which, when added to 1 gram of the substance, would increase its temperature by 1 °C (or when removed from 1 gram of it would lower the temp. by 1 degree.)

    To obtain the relation ...

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    The change of state, calculation and the heat of vaporization of water is examined.