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    Calculate energy required to heat water

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    Calculate how much energy is required to heat 100 g of ice at 0 degrees Celsius to steam at 100 degrees Celsius.

    Draw a diagram of temperature versus time for water being heated.

    Heat of fusion of water = 6.02 kJ/ mole
    Heat capacity of liquid water = 4.18 J/degree Celsius x g
    Heat of vaporization of water = 40.7 kJ/ mole

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    ** Please see the attached file for the diagram **

    mass (m) = 100 g
    initial state = ice
    initial temperature (Ti) = 0 degrees C
    final temperature (Tf) = 100 degrees C
    final state = steam

    Heat of fusion of water (Lf)= 6.02 kJ/ mole = 6.02*10^3 J/mole
    1 mole of water = 18 ...

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    This solution goes through step-by-step calculations for the heat fusion of water to determine heat energy required. A diagram of time versus temperature is attached in a .jpg file.