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Calculate the Energy to Melt Ice and Change the Temperature

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A glass contains 0.25kg of water at 0c, 0.15kg of ice, also at 0c, is added to water and it is noticed that after 11 minutes all the ice has melted and all the water is now at 15c. Assuming that the thermal capacity of the glass may be ignored,

calculate the thermal energy absorbed by the ice for t to melt.
total thermal energy absorbed by the contents of the glass
average rate of energy absorption by the contents of the glass.
specific latent heat of ice 3.4 X 10 to the power 5 j kg-1
water 4200jkg-1K-1

An electric heater rated at 750w is used to raise the temp of water to boiling point. Calculate how long this would take if no heat is lost to the surroundings.

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The expert calculates the energy to melt ice and change the temperature by using a electrical system generating fix watt.

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The thermal energy absorbed by the ice to melt is 0.15*(3.4*10^5) = 51000 (joul)

(energy required to melt the ice = (ice mass) * (specific heat of ice) )

The total thermal ...

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