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Fahrenheit / Celsius Temperature Conversions and Systems of Equations Word Problems

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1. There is a temperature for which the numerical values of degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius are equal. Enter that numerical value here

2. Let F denote a certain temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, and C the same temperature in degrees Celsius. Then you can convert between F and F = 32 + 9/5 C. Suppose the temperature is 8 degrees Celsius. Enter here the corresponding temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

3.Here is the other problem from "The Story of Civilization": Eight rubies, ten emeralds, and a hundred pearls, which are in thy ear-ring, my beloved, were purchased by me for thee at an equal amount; and the sum of the prices of the three sort of gems was three less than half a hundred; tell me the price of each, auspicious woman. Enter the price of one pearl, the price of one emerald, and the price of one ruby.

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