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Volume and Pressure

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1. What is the volume of a quantity of a gas at 172 Celcius, if its volume is 262 mL at -25 Celsius and the pressure remains constant.

2. What is the pressure, in inches of mercury, of a gas that originally had a volume of 252 mL, under a pressure of 0.834 atmosphere and a temperature of 45 Celsius if the volume is reduced to 167 mL at a temperature of 175 Celcius?

3. A helium balloon has a volume of 45 liters at 15.2 Celsius and 728 mm Hg atmosphere of pressure. To what volume will the balloon expand if it rises to an altitude where the pressure is 0.114 atm and temperature is -34.5 Celsius?

4. A cylinder with a fixed volume of 685 mL exerts a pressure of 11.5 psi at 38 Celsius. What will the pressure, in psi, become if the temperature is raised to 549 Fahrenheit?

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Assume this is an ideal gas problem.

PV=nRT Universal gas constant link http://scienceworld.wolfram.com/physics/UniversalGasConstant.html

V1/V2 = T1/T2 Temperature has to be expressed in ...

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