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    application of gas law

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    1. Chlorine gas occupies a volume of 1.20 liters at 725 torr pressure. What volume will it occupy at 1 atm pressure?

    2. Fluorine gas exerts a pressure of 975 torr. When the pressure is changed to 1.50 atm, its volume is 250 mL. What was the original volume?

    3. Helium occupies a volume of 3.80 Liters at -45 C. What volume will it occupy at 45 Celsius?

    4. A sample of argon gas is cooled and its volume went from 380 mL to 250 mL. If its final temperature was -55 C, what was its original temperature?

    5. A sample of sulfur tetraflouride (SF4) with a volume is 58.4mL and the pressure is 758 torr, and a temperature of 350 K, how many grams of SF4 was there?

    6. What volume will 454 grams of hydrogen occupy at 1.05 atm and 25 Celsius?

    7. If 0.843g of oxygen, at 988 mmHg occupies a volume of 0.512L, what is the temperature?

    True or False

    8. One torr is equal to 760 mm Hg.

    9. Charles' law states that the pressure of a gas is directly proportional to the temperature.

    10. Boyls' law states that the pressure of a gas is directly inversely proportional to the temperature.

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