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application of ideal gas law

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Mole and Mass relationship in chemical equation:
1. What mass of ammonia, in grams, can be made from 440g of H2?


The combined Gas Law:
1.If the gas present in 4.65L at STP is changed to a temperature of 15C and pressure of 756mmHg, what will be new volume?

The Ideal Gas Law:
1. Calculate the volume, in liters, of 1.12mol of H2S(g) at 62C and 1.38atm.

2. Calculate the pressure, in atmospheres, of 4.46mol of CO(g) in a 3.96-L tank at 29C.

3. How many moles of Kr(g) are there in 2.22L of the gas at 698mmHg and 45C?

How it can be calculated?

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