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Aerodynamics - Perfect Gas Law

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Q: If 1500lb of air is pumped into a previously empty 900ft^3 storage tank and the air temperature in the tank is uniformly 70 F, what is the air pressure in the tank in atmospheres?

Is it possible to solve this with the perfect gas law (PV = nRT)? Also, please brief description of the difference between the Ideal Gas Law and the Perfect Gas Law.

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The expert examines perfect gas laws for aerodynamics.

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Please see the attached. If you want to work through the solution yourself only read the first part explanation and ignore my Maths. If you do the Maths yourself you can then double check with my solution. I think the explantion I give here shows how the two forms of the Ideal Gas Law are entirely equivalent in answer to your original question as posted.


The Ideal Gas Law in its more common form (1) states that the product of the pressure and volume of an "Ideal Gas", one where inter-molecular forces between gas particles are deemed to be negligible and thus can be ignored, is equal to the number of moles of the gas , the universal gas constant and the absolute ...

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