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    Temperatures and Pressures for Gas Laws

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    I) Under what conditions of temperature and pressure do you think that the gas laws would work best? Please be specific.

    ii) What is the total pressure of a gas mixture that contains hydrogen at 0.45 atm, nitrogen at 0.25 atm, and argon at 0.60atm?

    iii) How much volume in liters will 100.0 g of oxygen occupy at 100 0C and 100 atm pressure?

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    (i) The ideal gas laws work very well for "ideal gases." Although there is no such thing as an "ideal gas," we speak of a gas obeying the gas laws under "ordinary temperature and pressure." This means that the average distance between gas molecules is large compared to the size of the molecules, the attractive forces between gas molecules can be ignored because the molecules are relatively widely separated, the molecules themselves may be ...

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    Almost 300 words explains how to find the volume of gas that will occupy a space at a specific pressure, and other questions.