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    Molality and freezing point changes

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    1 - What is the molality of a solution of 89.5g of C12H22O11 in 895 grams of water?

    2 - Will the solution in 1) have a lower, higher, or the same freezing temperature as pure water. Give a reason for your answer.


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    1) Molality means moles of solute in kg of solvent, so we need to find moles of C12H22O11, molecular weight=342.3g/mol

    89.5g * 1mol/342.3g = 0.261moles of this substance

    895g * ...

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    In this solution we learn how to calculate the molality of a solution. Then we predict whether the solution will change its freezing point. An explanation for why it does or does not change is included!