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    Freezing Point Depression of Water by Sucrose

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    We need to calculate the molar mass of sucrose from the freezing point depression of water using a MeasureNet temp probe to get the cooling curves of water and sucrose. We haven't covered "molality" yet, and I'm looking for a simple way to determine these values? I'm more than willing to do the work myself, I just need a push in the right direction, considering we haven't learned this yet. Thanks!

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    Molality is a measure of concentration where you have the solute (sucrose) over the solvent (water). Specifically, molality covers moles of solute over kilograms of solvent. If you are familiar with molarity, you will see it's similar, except we're using mass of the solvent instead of volume. This helps us when determining temperature-dependent effects, because volume can ...

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    How to calculate the molar mass of a material if you know only the change in freezing point and the molality of the solution. In this posting, I give you a full rundown of the concepts involved in calculating using freezing point depression and molality.