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Molar Mass of Sulfur based on molality

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What would the molar mass of sulfur be based on the following data and information?
2.07 grams of sulfur ( solute ) and 22.91 grams of naphthalene (solvent) was used. The Kf of naphthalene is 6.9 oC/m and delta T = Kf x m . The melting point of naphthalene was 80.50 oC and the melting point of the mixture was 78.0 o C.

Relevant Formula:
m ( molality ) = moles of solute / kg of solvent.

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dT = Kf x molality

dT = 80.50 - 78.0 = 2.5 oC

molality - moles of solute / kg of ...

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The molar mass of sulfur is calculated from molality.