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The Yucca Mountain Project: Nevada Nuclear Waste Policy

Outline/Timeline and list of resources of legal and political issues stalling the Yucca Mountain Project from local officals to congressman of Nevada.

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06/1998: The states transportation chief, Tom Stephens, indicated to the DOE he would "never assist in improving rural Nevada highways so they could be used to carry nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain.
Source: Vogel, Ed. 1998. "Waste haul hits bump in road" Las Vegas Review-Journal, June 11, 1998.

2002: In 2002, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham recommends Yucca Mountain as a "suitable site." After approving the recommendation Nevada's Governor, Kenny Guinn, exercised the state right to veto but this was overturned after it passed in the House and Senate. As a result, the State of Nevada filed lawsuits against the DOE, NRC, President Bush, and Abraham.
Source: http://www.yuccamountain.org/time.htm

2003: The State Engineer claims the water usage is detrimental to the public interest." The Nevada Legislature "determined it was unlawful to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. DOE appealed, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed this ruling and ordered further hearings on the subject." DOE retaliated and filed a suit against the State of ...

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