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    Product offering and comparison at REI

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    Evaluate the product offerings at REI (Recreational Equipment Inc). Select a product category and review the product line at REI, then select a similar competitor and review its products for the same category. Take a close look at product features and benefits, distribution, promotion, and pricing.

    How does REI compare with the competitors you have reviewed?

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    Comparing REI and Gander Mountain:

    Both sites offer all types of gear for outdoor sports and living. The specific area I looked at was the tents. REI presents in a feeling background, letting the products make the site enhancements. Gander Mountain (GM) shows many of the tents, accessories and screen rooms in realistic shots. Those shots present the product in a natural use setting where people can see how they look and their relative size and uses.

    REI actually has more in depth search presentations with the tents section broken down into categories such as doors, seasons, sleeping capacity, weight, ratings, and price. All of these are important to consider if the buyer has specific needs. A nice two season, two-person tent will not be helpful to the buyer if the buyer plans to hike while carrying the gear and it is heavy. GM's ...

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    A product offering review is outlined. The companies are REI and Gander Mountain. Also, a comparison of the competitors is completed.