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REI (Retail Company)

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Find characteristics of environmental factors as they relate to the company REI (Retail Company). Please include references.

List two of the current characteristics as they relate to REI and each of the following:

1) US Economy
2) Global Economy
3) Legal and Regulatory environment
4) Soicio-cultural forces
5) Technological forces.

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Market Environment

List two of the current characteristics as they relate to REI and each of the following:

REI is a company that makes outdoor gear. It makes high quality gear and clothing. It spends money to support conservation effort and send dedicated teams of volunteers to build trails, clean beaches and restore local habits.

1) US Economy:
The US economy grew for the 7th straight quarter: if the US economy grows the sales of REI will also grow.
The economy grew by 1.8% in the first quarter of 2011 compared to 3.1% growth in the previous quarter. This is not advantageous to REI because slow down of the economy means low increase in unemployment and relatively lower sales for REI.

2) Global ...

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